Flat Belly Overnight Program Review

flat belly overnight review

Below you will find the important facts and figures I feel every consumer should know surrounding Andrew Raposo Flat Belly Overnight Program and complete guide for taking necessary precautions.


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Ok, on to those facts and figures…


Product Name: Flat Belly Overnight

Also Known As: Flat Belly Overnight System

Author: Andrew Raposo

Product Website: Click Here For The Verified Official Website For Flat Belly Overnight Program

Product Category: Health & Fitness

Product Sub-Categories: Diets & Weight Loss

Recommended Supplement: Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic


Andrew Raposo is a certified personal fitness trainer looking to help you lose weight fast and in a healthy way. This means no starving yourself, eating “healthy” foods or doing intense interval training. He promises that after one night, you will wake up two pounds lighter and your stomach noticeably smaller. He is the creator of Flat Belly Overnight program.

How Does Flat Belly Overnight Work?


The Flat Belly Overnight program consists of three parts:

1. Belly Flattening 3-minute Sequences

These are exercises you can do in three minutes that will strengthen your core, burn belly fat, and even ease lower back pain.

2. The Detox Formula Report

This report will show you what herbs you need to take to increase your metabolism, as well as what food will cleanse your body of fat-storing toxins.

3. The Fat Belly Overnight Template

This template is a fool proof guide to help you optimize your efforts with Flat Belly Overnight to get a flat stomach fast. This book tells you the specific foods you need to eat before bed that will help you lose pounds overnight.

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Who is Andrew Raposo?

Andrew is actually a certified personal trainer, which gives him some credibility. This is much needed credibility when the claim is so outrageous. The idea of losing two pounds in one night without something being seriously wrong is insane to me. His long and repetitive sales page did little to convince me it would work.

I do like the idea of brief exercises that do not take much time and are easy on the joints. For a lot of people who are overweight and already suffering from joint problems, long and intense workouts seem unhealthy and brutal, not helpful. Shorter exercises are also great for those pressed for time.

My Take on Flat Belly Overnight

This program is really good for people looking to control type 2 diabetes. A lot of exercises Andrew uses are similar to exercises recommended by the American Diabetes Association for controlling diabetes.

You don’t have to starve yourself for this program. The flat belly overnight diet just wants you to add fat burning foods to your diet and the flat belly overnight tea is meant to rid you of toxins and speed up your metabolism.

Flat Belly Overnight reviews are generally positive, but the offer still seems too good to be true. Especially when Andrew claims eating fruits and vegetables make it easier for you to store fat. However, the 60-day money back guarantee does make this program less intimidating. After all, you’re supposed to lose belly fat overnight, right? By 60 days, you should know if it has worked up to its claim or not. Unfortunately I do not know how many people have taken Andrew up on the claim, but at least if it doesn’t work, you won’t be regretting the money you spent.

I believe that while Andrew’s program could possibly work over time, it does not work as fast as he says it does for most people. Maybe in extreme cases is it possible to lose two pounds a night, but I question even that. Most likely it would mean losing weight gradually over time, with a lot of discipline, like many other workout programs.

Flat Belly Overnight does have a huge benefit of being for people who are overweight, older than 40, and with extreme medical problems. Most weight loss programs are for people in their twenties, and they can cause a lot of damage for older people, especially those who are not used to taking care of their bodies.

However, if you are in your twenties and you are curious about this, you would probably benefit just as much from workouts and diet programs created by credible sources and available for free online or in free fitness apps.

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Who is Amy? Is she Real?

The story on the sales page is for Andrew’s sister, Amy, patient zero for using the Flat Belly Overnight Program for regular people.

Amy had suffered from a mini-stroke, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. She was facing a strong likelihood of death if she had another stroke and was trying to get her health back to save herself and to be a positive role model for her kids. One night, out of desperation, she was considering suicide when Andrew called her up. Sensing the urgency of the situation, he gave her the same methods professional boxers use to lose weight right before a match and it worked.

Here’s the thing: Andrew hadn’t told her this before because he didn’t think average people with average health could handle it. And yet he gives it to his sister, whose health is way below average? That just does not make sense to me.

I don’t know if he modified it from what professional boxers actually do, but the fact that he didn’t think average people would be able to handle it makes me wonder if it really is as easy and gentle for losing weight as he claims. After all, workouts and diets for the physically elite are usually not good for those who are looking to get even average health.

I know half of Andrew’s sales page is to tell me to forget everything I’ve been told about health and fitness because the health and fitness industry do not want me to lose weight, instead wanting me to keep buying their products. But I am still very skeptical of Flat Belly Overnight. I’ll probably never try it myself. However, the 60 day money back guarantee policy does inspire some confidence in me that it works on some level at least and is not a complete scam.

Final Verdict: Is Flat Belly Overnight worth Buying?

Flat Belly Overnight probably works for most people, but not as fast as it claims to. However, those suffering from medical problems, older than 40, or dealing with busy schedules could possibly benefit from this program. However, it takes hard work and discipline, and do not expect the same results as Amy. I have a feeling her results– along with everyone else’s results mentioned in the page– are not typical by any means and that weight loss will come much, much slower to most people.