Healthy Weight Loss With These Tools

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Finding all the tools you need to plan for your weight loss program, and to track your progress is sometimes confusing.  This is the place to bookmark for future use.  This article contains all the calculation tools you need for healthy weight loss, and a guide to the exercises that you need to plan for your weight loss and exercise program, all in one place. You will always know quickly where to find the information.

Target heart rate – This is where to find the heart rate beats per minute that you want to target  for your weight loss program.

Body mass index Or BMI – A general number to use to determine your body fat to lean tissue.  If you are above average in muscle mass, this will be off.  Muscle is heavier than fat tissue. This is a general number to determine weight loss.

Body fat calculator – Put in your body measurements and the calculator will estimate your % of body fat. This is a better way to determine the amount of weight loss needed.

Daily caloric intake – This calculator will show you how many calories you need to eat per day to maintain, or to lose body fat, and push forward your weight loss plan.

Daily water needs – This will show you how much water you need to drink per day.  Goes by weight and by how hard you are going to be exercising.

Calories burned – Put in your weight and how long you want to exercise.  Will show you 70 activities and how many calories you will burn doing each exercise.  This one is also good as a motivator, if you want to eat something that you know is bad.  Read on the package the calorie content.  Go hear and enter your numbers and see how long you will have to exercise just to burn off that one item.  Then decide if it’s worth all the work.

Exercise guide – this is the best exercise guide.  You can click on a muscle group and it will show you many exercises to work on that group of muscles.

These are links to all the numbers that you need to exercise, and set up a weight loss program.  And then to track your progress after you start the program. Make sure you book mark this article so you can get back to it easily when you need these numbers so you can be a success at your weight loss program.