Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone boosters are becoming more popular, not just in the bodybuilding world. Men are using these supplements to increase lean muscle, decrease fat, increase energy, improve sexual performance, and more.

Most people who use these supplements have no problems, but all medications and supplements have potential side effects. Although these testosterone booster side effects rare, there are a few things you should look for when taking a booster.

What Is a Testosterone Booster?


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Testosterone levels begin to decrease as men get older. In a man’s middle to late 20’s, their bodies make about 1% less per year. Although though the decline in this male hormone is gradual, most men will eventually notice some of the effects.

Testosterone is the main male hormone and thus is responsible for muscle growth, libido, and the body that we consider stereotypically male. It also helps to keep sexual drive and performance at high levels. In addition, testosterone has a variety of mental effects, making people feel more confident, competitive, and outgoing. Most of the physical and mental attributes that we consider male throughout the world.

Low testosterone can make men look and feel less masculine in a variety of ways, some subtle and some more apparent. It can increase body fat percentage while making it more difficult to keep or to build muscle. It can make men feel more tired or depressed. This condition is also called hypogonadism.

Some men struggle with the symptoms of low testosterone even though their levels are normal or not low enough to be treated. Every men has a different ideal amount of testosterone, so your own levels can be too low for your ideal even while testing in a normal range. Symptoms are often the best way to tell if a testosterone booster can help you.

It can be difficult to tell if you have low testosterone. Low testosterone levels may be more noticeable in some men than others, due to how subtle they are. In some cases the symptoms of a testosterone deficiency can be ignored for long periods of time.

The symptoms of low testosterone seem obvious, such as a loss of libido or sexual performance, fatigue and decreased energy level, loss of muscle definition or mass, and decreased physical strength. In addition, some men see weight gain. However, many people ignore these symptoms or blame them on stress. Testosterone boosters are a natural and legal means of reversing some of these symptoms.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Although many men struggle with low testosterone, especially as we age, the symptoms can be devastating. Testosterone boosters are supplements that aim to treat these symptoms by gently and naturally addressing the root cause.

Generally, testosterone boosters can work in one of two ways. Some increase the production of testosterone in the male body, often by giving the body the raw ingredients that it needs to make this hormone. Some are biologically similar molecules that can act in similar ways as testosterone in the male body.

Others types of testosterone booster decrease the rate at which testosterone is broken down. The body is constantly making testosterone and then breaking it down. Reducing the rate of metabolism can lead to higher levels of this hormone in the bloodstream and other tissues.

Regardless of the mechanism, the result is the same: higher levels of your own natural testosterone in the bloodstream. Many men in Canada take natural testosterone boosters as a safe alternative to actual testosterone supplementation.

Physical Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

Many of the side effects associated with testosterone blockers are actually effects associated with high testosterone levels.

Testosterone boosters can quickly increase the size, strength, and bulk of muscle. However, ligaments and tendons need more time to catch up. As a result, people can injure themselves more easily when they first begin using a testosterone booster.

This can be easily mitigated by stretching well both before and after a workout. Progress at a natural rate. Some men feel like they can accomplish anything once their testosterone levels increase but your body will need time.

Some people notice an increase in headaches. This can be due to an increase in red blood cell production. This will usually dissipate with time.

Some men notice oilier skin or more acne when they take a testosterone booster or otherwise take measures to increase their testosterone levels. In many cases, this can be helped with good skin hygiene, such as using a face wash, toner, and acne fighting moisturizer.

A last common side effect is increased hair growth, particularly body and facial hair. Many men find this side effect extremely desirable. If you do not, there are several hair removal methods available such as shaving and waxing.

Some men may experience side effects from the pills themselves rather than the effects of testosterone itself. The most common of these is bloating. These side effects usually become less severe or disappear entirely with time.

Warning Signs to Watch For

All medications and supplements have the possibility of serious side effects that require medical care. There are a small number of rare side effects that can be serious. These are extremely rare.

Difficulty urinating is a rare side effect of both testosterone and testosterone boosters. This is because testosterone can cause growth in the prostate. Men who already have prostate hypertrophy should not take testosterone boosters or similar supplements for this reason.

Testosterone causes an increase in red blood cell count, which is part of the reason that it causes an increase in energy. However, in rare cases this can also cause chest pain or blood clots. Men should see a doctor if they experience either of these symptoms.

Some men may increase their testosterone levels too much using these supplements. When this happens, the male body will convert some of the excess testosterone to estrogen. Some men may experience an increase in breast tissue or shrunken testicles as a result.

These serious side effects sometimes require immediate medical care. In other cases they only require cutting back or stopping the supplement altogether. However, most men who take testosterone boosters will have no serious effects.

Mental Side Effects

Testosterone can have a few distinct mental side effects as well. Many men compare the first few weeks of taking testosterone boosters to a second puberty due to the change in mood.

Mood swings are a common side effect, as testosterone makes men quicker to strong emotions. These side effects usually decrease after you have been taking a stable dose for a few months.

Many men also report that they feel an increase in angry feelings. It is important to work to keep this anger under control. If these feelings are not manageable, you should consider stopping the supplement.

Most men find the changes in mood to be transient and easy to manage. Most report mental effects such as an increase in confidence and self esteem. Testosterone boosters, like testosterone itself, generally make men feel more manly.

How Common Are Side Effects?

Some of the milder side effects, such as mood swings and oilier skin, are quite common when men first begin taking a testosterone booster. Most men find they are worth the other, more positive effects.

The serious side effects are more rare. While they are possible, most men who take testosterone boosters will never experience them.

Are you considering taking a supplement to increase your testosterone levels? If so, it is important to be prepared for both the good and the downsides. These side effects are all ones to watch for if you intend to take testosterone booster supplements. While they can be serious in a few cases, most men find that they pass quickly and that the benefits more than make up for some short term inconvenience.


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