4 Best Nootropics for Energy, Motivation and Sharp Focus

Best Nootropics for Energy, Motivation and Sharp Focus

Nootropics have taken the dietary supplement world by storm. People from all walks of life are taking over-the-counter nootropic supplements in addition to prescribed pharmaceutical nootropics in order to improve focus, energy, motivation and other aspects of brain health.

Caffeine and nicotine are perhaps the most famous nootropics of all, and substances like caffeine and creatine absolutely work in this manner. When it comes to formulated supplements and synthetics, however, this discussion is a bit more polarized as clinical research still lags behind in many cases.

With that in mind, we set out to test more than a dozen of the most widely used best nootropics for motivation, energy and mental focus. In the sections ahead, we share out research and opinions on five of those products.

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What Are Nootropics?


Nootropics—often known colloquially as smart drugs, brain boosters and cognitive enhancers—comprise various drugs, supplements and other substances believed to enhance cognitive function.

Many people take various brain boosters to improve memory, enhance concentration, make them more creative, provide motivation and to boost their energy and stave off depression.

There are two main types of nootropics:

– Natural Nootropics: These products include all-natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, believed to boost cognitive function. They help you get rid of lack of energy and motivation. As supplements, these items are not regulated by the FDA.

– Synthetic Nootropics: These pharmaceuticals can have a potent effect on brain function. They are regulated by the FDA and often require a prescription and ongoing medical supervision.

Our Top Five Nootropic Supplements for Energy & Motivation

  1. NooCube: Overall Best Nootropic on the Market
  2. Mind Lab Pro: Best Memory Booster for Motivation and Energy
  3. Brain Pill: Top Option for Sharper Focus and Clarity
  4. Performance Lab Mind: Best Nootropic to Eliminate Brain Fog

In-Depth Reviews of Our Top 5 Nootropic Products

1. NooCube: Overall Best Nootropic on the Market


NooCube is among the highest quality nootropics and is notable for being free of caffeine, gluten and GMOs, which makes it suitable for most people. It is also 100% organic and is designed to improve brain health, boost memory, energy and mental focus through higher levels of acetylcholine, dopamine, glutamate and serotonin.


  • No caffeine
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Backed by clinical research
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Huperzine A
  • Shipping can take up to 3 weeks

Key Ingredients and Features

NooCube features Alpha GPC, which is one of the more common nootropic ingredients and a proven brain enhancer that improves both memory and cognitive function. The most unique ingredient in NooCube is Cat’s Claw, a vine from the Amazon that increases cellular regeneration. This product also has Huperzine A, which is very common in brain boosters but known to cause minor side effects in a small portion of the population, including headaches, nausea and sleepiness.

Our Results and Consumer Reviews

Our testing mirrored many of the most respected clinical trials, and NooCube was the only product the test group outperformed the placebo group across the board. This success is mirrored in the consumer reviews available online. We found very few consumers who were dissatisfied with their purchases.

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2. Mind Lab Pro: Best Memory Booster for Motivation and Energy

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is the product we were most familiar with entering this process due to the nootropic benefits it has for older people who may be experiencing memory issues. It has also been used with some notable success to treat attention deficit disorder, spark motivation and increase energy levels in adults.


  • No caffeine
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Backed by clinical research
  • Excellent memory booster


  • Pricier than most nootropics
  • Limited refund policy

Key Ingredients and Features

Mind Lab Pro includes more than a dozen ingredients and all are listed on the bottle. The ingredients are focused on performance energy and mental clarity but also mood and relaxation. It does contain many vitamins as well, so you may need to adjust your vitamin intake to not exceed the daily recommended values.

Our Results and Consumer Reviews

We tested this across many different age groups and achieved success with all of them. However, none of the brain supplements performed better among people age 60 and up. We had particular success with people seeking to improve their motivation levels, which is reflected in online consumer reviews as well.

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3. Brain Pill: Top Option for Sharper Focus and Clarity

Brain Pill

Brain Pill is similar to our choice for best nootropic supplement. It did not perform as well as NooCube but still functioned well. It also managed to distinguish itself in lowering cortisol levels and oxidative stress, which can cause brain fog and numerous other health issues that can difficult to pin down.


  • No caffeine
  • Boosts energy levels and motivation
  • Enhances mental clarity and focus
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Slightly more expensive than other nootropic supplements
  • Not available in capsule form

Key Ingredients and Features

The most notable ingredient in Brain Pill is Bacopa Monnieri. It is a medicinal herb that is appearing in numerous dietary supplements because it provides a wide range of health benefits, including reducing blood sugar levels, reducing cortisol levels and reducing both stress and anxiety.

Our Results and Consumer Reviews

One reason we preferred NooCube is because it is faster acting. Brain Pill tends to provide the intended results better over a longer period when taking on a consistent basis. That said, reviews from consumers who do take it as a regular dietary supplement are overwhelmingly positive.

4. Performance Lab Mind: Best Nootropic to Eliminate Brain Fog

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is another popular nootropic that we were well aware of entering the process. There is perhaps no natural nootropic drug that has had more clinical testing performed on it. While it did not perform quite as well in our testing, it is a proven product to eliminate brain fog that you can use with peace of mind.


  • Creativity enhancer
  • Powerful booster for focus and motivation
  • One of the best refund policies
  • Substantial clinical testing


  • Comparatively low dosage of Citicoline and L-tyrosine for ADHD patients
  • Pricier than most top nootropics for energy

Key Ingredients and Features

Performance Lab Mind features Citicoline, which is a potent modulator of synaptic signals but known to cause minor side effects in some people. It also includes L-tyrosinein order to boost motivation, energy and focus.

Our Results and Consumer Reviews

Performance Lab Mind has one of the higher dosages of the memory boosters we tested and an odd taste, which makes it one of the least user-friendly products on this list. Those issues aside, Performance Lab Mind is effective, fast acting and proven, and the online consumer reviews are mostly quite favorable.

12 Natural Nootropics for Motivation and Energy

You have a choice between either natural nootropics and smart drugs that are often synthetic and usually require a prescription from a doctor. Natural nootropics are not regulated by the FDA, but as long as you are aware of the ingredients and trust them, you can have great success with such products. Smart drugs can be much more effective, but they present additional hurdles, can be much more intense and can manifest side effects that are more severe than with natural options.

– Adderall (Requires a Prescription)

Adderall is among the strongest of all prescription smart drugs. It works by increasing the availability of the chemicals that your brain uses to function. The problem with Adderall is that it presents a high risk of addiction and can lead to a wide range of side effects if not modulated correctly.

– Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a plant that has long been popular in traditional medicine for a wide range of purposes and believed to be beneficial for systemic health in general. Recent research supports this belief. Studies have shown that ashwagandha has adaptogenic properties that reduce inflammation markers, cortisol levels and blood pressure. It also helps normalize hormones and reduce stress.

– Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is an herb that has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. Modern research supports the belief that it can speed up mental processing and reduce reaction times. This is due to bacosides that reduce oxidative stress and enhance synaptic signaling.

– Caffeine

Caffeine is arguably the most common nootropic for motivation, and people have been using it for centuries as a brain booster. In addition to being a nootropic, caffeine is a stimulant and a psychoactive. Drinking too much coffee or otherwise taking too much caffeine can cause negatives that outweigh the positives. Users should be careful to modulate consumption based on how sensitive they are to the substance.

– Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol—often abbreviated CBD—is a natural compound extracted from Cannabis sativa. CBD does not contain THC. The use of CBD oil has exploded in the U.S. now that it is legal in all 50 states, and it is even sold at many dentists’ offices. While clinical research is still ongoing, the currently available research is quite promising. CBD not only relieves pain but reduces stress, helps you sleep better and enhances your mental acuity.

– Ginkgo Biloba

Clinical studies have shown that this natural extract from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree can enhance mental processing and memory in adults when taking daily. The effect is cumulative. It often takes six weeks until the effects are fully realized, but then, those effects will persist as long as the supplement is taken daily. This substance also reduces stress, cortisol levels and blood pressure.

– Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It comprises hericenones and erinacine, which stimulate nerve growth in the brain and have led to some promising results in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Some studies suggest that the memory improvements experienced in older adults only persist as long as the subjects continued to take the supplement.

– L-Theanine

L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is often found in tea but can be taken as a supplement as well. This substance has a calming effect and is show to increase alpha-waves in the brain, and caffeine—also found in many teas—is known to enhance the effects of L-theanine.

– Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral found in most multivitamins. Almost half the U.S. population falls short of the recommended daily intake. The recommended amount is 300-350 milligrams for optimal brain function, and deficiencies can lead to brain fog, ADHD and other mental issues.

– Modafinil (Requires a Prescription)

Modafinil is a prescription drug often sold under the brand name Provigil that is used to treat uncontrollable drowsiness. It has been shown to provide mental stimulation similar to that which occurs with cocaine use but without the risk of dependence. There is substantial research showing that people using Modafinil manage their time, enhance motivational energy and achieve their goals with greater efficiency than normal.

– Noopept (Requires a Prescription)

Noopept is a synthetic nootropic. The effects from Noopept can be felt within just minutes, which has led to claims that these are the best nootropic smart pills for energy. However, many doctors are reticent to prescribe them due to the lack of clinical research involving human subjects.

– Piracetam (Requires a Prescription)

Piracetam is a synthetic nootropic like Noopept, and the two are very close in both function and structure. Although it showed promising results in regard to mental decline due to age as far back as the 1970s, there still has not been much clinical research performed involving humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Do Nootropics for Motivation Work?

Yes. Nootropics for motivation, energy and sharper focus can absolutely work. Consider that best over the counter Adderall alternatives are specifically prescribed for its nootropic effects. There is, however, less research concerning natural nootropics, but many people have had great success with them, including the people who participated in this review. When purchasing nootropic supplements not regulated by the FDA, just ensure that all ingredients are listed, and be sure to vet them.

#2. Are Nootropics Safe?

Yes, but be mindful that there is potential for misuse. You should never take a regulated nootropic without a prescription and oversight from a physician. When it comes to over-the-counter nootropics, we highly recommend maintaining a journal of how you feel and any side effects. If you are taking medications, you should discuss the use of any nootropics with your pharmacist. If you are taking multiple supplements, ensure that your vitamin and mineral doses are not too high overall.

#3. Are Nootropics Legal?

Yes, in the United States, they are legal, but this can vary from one country to the next. Be mindful that it is illegal to buy nootropics for energy that are controlled substances without a valid prescription. Not all synthetic nootropics that are regulated require a prescription. Most natural nootropics are not regulated and can also be purchased over the counter as dietary supplements.

#4. Will Nootropics Improve Memory?

Yes. Be mindful that the best results have been experienced in older people who had memory degradation due to aging. That said, positive effects are experienced in younger people as well. Psychology Today—a prominent industry magazine—even lists many of the ingredients here as effective memory boosters, including ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, omega-3 and grape seed extract.

#5. Will Nootropics Reduce Anxiety?

Yes. There are a number of nootropics that help people reduce anxiety levels, but be mindful it is important to target specific ingredients known to have this effect. L-theanine is an excellent example. There is a great deal of evidence that it encourages calmness, brings motivation and helps to reduce anxiety. Brain Pill is recognized for this effect as well, and many people have had success with Mind Lab Pro.

#6. Will Nootropics Boost Energy Levels?

Yes, but again, this is a case where you will want to target ingredients and supplements that are known to provide this effect. Some people have positive results with nootropics that contain caffeine, but others crash or just feel a bit shaky. Most of the controlled nootropics listed in this nootropics review boost energy levels, but those require a prescription. If you want a natural solution that does not involve caffeine, you may want to target products with Rhodiola rosea, acetyl-L-carnitine and L-theanine.

#7. Will Nootropics Treat Brain Fog?

Yes, but be mindful that brain fog is a rather broad term that means various things to different people. What you consider to be brain fog may be different to the perception of someone else. That said, nootropics are effective at staving off those periods of not being able to think clearly, and many people who use these supplements on a regular basis do so because of how it makes them feel in this regard.

#8. What Is a Nootropic Stack?

A stack in the supplement world is a combination of compounds. In some cases, the manufacturer will combine the ingredients into a unique product, but in many other cases, a stack is simply a set that combines multiple products from the same brand. Our pick for the best nootropic stack is NooCube, which targets a broad range of brain health effects such as motivation and energy in a single convenient supplement.

#9. Are Natural Nootropics Better Than Smart Drugs?

This is a matter of perspective. Whatever works for you is best. Still, if the natural option is effective, then that is preferrable because there are none of the downsides that come with prescribed drugs.

#10. Which Is the Most Effective Nootropic for Motivation, Energy and Focus?

Prescribed medications aside, all of the products and individual ingredients that we have listed in this review are effective options that are safe to use. However, there is a reason NooCube made it to the top of our nootropics list. We trust the company. It is sold at a fair price. You can feel the effects relatively fast, and those effects just get stronger and more consistent with continued use of the supplement.

#11. Do Nootropics Have Side Effects?

They can, and this is most common among prescribed and synthetic nootropics. It is less common with natural nootropics, and any side effects that do happen with natural supplements are generally minor. Still, if you experience side effects, stop using the product, and consult with your physician.

Final Thoughts

We had a number of team members who were quite skeptical when we began planning this project. To a person, they all shed those doubts by the conclusion of the process, and many now continue using nootropics for powerful focus, mental clarity and motivation.

This had a lot to do with the success we had with best nootropic products like NooCube, Mind Lab Pro, Performance Lab Mind and Brain Pill. Not every product we tried, however, was a success.

You can feel confident in the top nootropic supplements for increased energy, cognitive performance and motivation that we have listed here. If you want to try other nootropics, just ensure that all of the ingredients are listed and that you can verify them.

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