HGH Before and After Results – Athletes Using An HGH Releaser Run The Risk Of Being Banned

HGH in Sports and Bodybuilding


Over the past decade the use of HGH in sports has met with much controversy. However, it wasn’t until the last few years that the use of HGH has become considered as serious an offense as other forms of doping.

Just recently questions have risen around the use of HGH supplements in sports as the rules theoretically could get an athlete banned just for taking an HGH releaser like Genf20 Plus or HGH X2, even though this product is made of legal and natural ingredients.

Basically, the anti-doping agency is against anything that gives an advantage to an athlete even if it is a product that is normally produced by one’s body. This includes what might not be an obvious infraction such as athletes doing blood doping, whereby they inject their own red blood cells into their blood stream so that they can have more oxygen in their blood.

This would put one in serious trouble with the anti-doping aging. The only way to be safe is to get written permission from the anti-doping agency or stay away from all such products that could be seen as a violation.

HGH Before and After Results [Pictures]

Here are some of the HGH before and after results.


hgh before and after results

You see it helped the user lose fat and gain good amount of muscle.




before and after using hgh results

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Buying HGH Online

For an athlete, doping, or using any kind of performance enhancing drug is a problem. Yet anyone who has a credit card can easily purchase HGH online, either synthetic HGH injections or HGH supplements such as HGH X2.

The latter is made of natural nutrients and can be obtained over the counter. Both men and women swear that the use of HGH provides them with the boost they need because HGH increases one’s IGH-1 levels.

USA Cycling and the USADA claim that their function is to protect people’s rights. In 2016, fewer than ten elite athletes from professional cycling were suspended for using a doping program. It seems no longer is ability the main concern, but rather the pressure to perform leaving athletes discouraged and looking for ways to improve their ability to perform. HGH is one of the options that comes up.

What is HGH used for?

Human growth hormone or HGH is a growth hormone that is prescribed by a qualified doctor to treat children’s growth disorders as well as adult growth hormone deficiency.

Health care professionals say that for those individuals that do not have a hormone growth deficiency it can cause the pituitary gland to become lazy, and possible liver damage, painful joints, and carpal tunnel syndrome can also occur.

Acromegaly is the most severe side effect that can occur causing an unnatural overgrowth of bone in the extremities, jaw, and forehead, as well as other symptoms. There are also studies that show HGH can cause cancer.

HGH Research and Case Studies

On September 13, 2012, the Eureka Alert website reported that a new test had been developed by scientists at the University of Southampton, King’s College London and University of Kent at Canterbury, which is the world’s first test that is able to detect long term use of HGH.

The test measures two proteins in the blood, IGF-1 and the amino terminal pro-peptide of type III collagen. These two proteins act as markers of an increase in the usage of growth hormone, in response to HGH use. This test is able to detect HGH usage back in time, which prevents HGH usage for weeks prior to any event, a practice that was previously used by athletes.

HGH would be used prior to an event and then the athlete would stop usage a few weeks before a scheduled event. This new test makes this practice impossible.

King’s College London analysts used the test for the first time at the anti-doping laboratory for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. On September 8, 2012, the International Paralympic Committee made an announcement that two power lifters were suspended for two years for Anti-Doping Rule violations that involved HGH following an adverse laboratory finding using the new markers test. Russians Nikolay Marfin, age 33, and Vadim Rakitin, age 36, tested positive for HGH using the new test method.

The development of this test was funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the UK Anti Doping Agency, and the US Anti Doping Agency. Football and baseball are now relying on this new test learn if their players have been using HGH.

Research has shown that HGH can improve lean muscle mass. In fact, The Department of Endocrinology, Algemeen Ziekenhuis Middelheim, in Antwerpen, Belgium conducted a study that administered HGH to a group of healthy adults.

At the end of three months 5 percent had an increase in lean body mass, a 5.4 percent increase in body water, and a 10.9 percent decrease in body fat. However, measurements taken 24 months after the study ended showed that these increases were not maintained and the participants gained back the fat and lost the lean muscle mass.

One might conclude that HGH supplementation has a positive effect on lean mass and body fat that is measurable as long as the HGH is used. This seems to be the result of a shift in the way HGH tells your body to store fluids only.

HGH Results Before and After Results

As you have seen the results of HGH before and after. There are many celebrities who use HGH but don’t disclose in public. It is equally good for bulking and cutting and is quite similar to testosterone.

The concern isn’t that doping agencies are clamping down on synthetic HGH use, but rather that an HGH supplement that contains no actual HGH, but instead contains natural ingredients that help the body to more effectively produce HGH, are also coming under scrutiny.