Male Extra Review 2022 – Results, Benefits and Side Effects

Male Extra Overview


male extra

All things considered, I’m a pretty regular guy. I like watching the Super Bowl, watch movies, cook good food, and online gaming. I have an ordinary house, an average car, and a pretty normal job. You could have called me average in just about every respect.

So that’s why being sub-average in a particularly intimate area was so damn frustrating. A guy wants to feel big in the trousers. To make it perfectly clear, I’m talking about my penis.

At four inches, it’s not exactly an earth-shaking length. People say that technique in the bedroom makes up for a lack of size, and that can be true, but it’s also exhausting to have to work extra hard to satisfy a partner when they don’t appreciate a less ample attribute.

This is why I ultimately decided I wanted to pursue male enhancement options. Modern technology can do some amazing things, so I figured it should help me on my journey. This is what ultimately led me to the first thing I’ve found that really works, a male enhancement pill known as Male Extra.

First Steps

Before I go into Male Extra, understand that I didn’t try the first thing off the shelf. I set a realistic goal of increasing my length by at least an inch within the first year, and my girth by a quarter inch. These seemed sensible enough; shooting for an unrealistic goal seemed like a good way to get disappointed.

Second, I looked carefully at the various options out there. Penis enhancement is a serious undertaking, all jokes aside. I’m trying to alter a very sensitive part of my anatomy, after all, so some research was warranted.

Penis Pump


The name says it all; penis pumps are devices that fit over the organ and are pumped to reduce pressure around the penis, allowing it to swell out and grow in size.

  • Immediate gains are visible from the first time you use the pump.
  • Pumps are fairly inexpensive, much less costly than the surgical option.
  • Despite claims, there isn’t much evidence that the results are permanent. You can sustain them with constant use, but having to spend 45 minutes a day pumping my penis is a heck of a time sing.
  • It is possible to hurt the penis by overpumping, and as we’ve established, I’m not a fan of things that hurt my penis. I’m pretty sure most guys would agree with me.

Verdict: Maybe, but it wouldn’t be my sole option

Penis Extender

sizegenetics male enhancement products

An extender is kind of a halfway step between a pump and surgery. You clamp a device to the base of your penis, stretch the organ as far as you comfortably can, and secure the other end of the device to it, holding your penis in place at the new length.

  • Still pretty affordable, $500 or so.
  • Results tend to be more permanent than with penis pumps.
  • Even more time consuming than penis pumping, with a minimum use time of 5 hours.
  • Painful at the beginning of the process, often for several weeks. I just want to be bigger; I don’t think actual pain is a justified side effect of the process.

Verdict: No, as I don’t have five to seven hours a day to wear a very inconvenient device.

Penis Enhancement Surgery


Surgical options are getting better and better, but dear god, just the word “surgery” combined with penis made me nervous. The information I found did not fill me will confidence, either.

  • Surgical enhancement is very quick, generally taking about an hour.
  • The results tend to be permanent.
  • The success rate is good, with only 3% chance of the procedure failing.
  • The procedure is expensive, costing anywhere from $4000 to $10,000! I could get a CAR for that price.
  • The procedure isn’t covered by insurance, meaning I’d have to eat the entire cost.
  • Pain tends to persist for weeks after the procedure. I have a job that requires frequent standing and walking about, so I can’t afford to have pain in my intimate regions for weeks on end. That, and pain in my genitals is just NOT a good thought.
  • It can be up to two months before you’re able to engage in sexual activity.
  • While the success rate is high, the failures tend to be dramatic, and can result in drastically reduced function of the penis.

Verdict: not just no, but HELL no!

I decided that I would settle on the combination of a pump, and a male enhancement supplement. I wasn’t looking for a Viagara substitute; I don’t have any trouble gaining an erection when I’m in the mood. Rather, I wanted something that would make my erections more satisfying, and my penis larger.

Finding Male Extra

male extra bottles with capsules

I did a lot of digging before I found Male Extra. There are a lot of choices for men interested in sex enhancement pills, and the pill approach offers its own pros and cons.

  • Tend to be made of natural, easy to handle ingredients, so few side effects.
  • Easy to get without a prescription.
  • Simple to use, just swallow and go.
  • Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it’s easy to get scammed.
  • Anything you put in your body can cause a side effect or negative reaction, if you aren’t careful or have an allergy.

With all that in mind, I still saw that every success story I’d seen from reviews and testimonials showed that the users had included a supplement, so I wanted to add one as well.

That’s when I came across Male Extra.

A lot of male enhancement pills out there offer big claims without concrete evidence. Male Extra, on the other hand, was very up front about its list of ingredients and the mechanisms behind the supplements.

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What are the Ingredients in Male Extra?


  1. L-Arginine HCL 600mg

    L-Arginine HCL is an amino acid, and the body converts it into nitric oxide. The Male Extra website cites a study showing that 37% of men with erection difficulties who took L-Arginine supplements found marked improvements within a month of taking it. Part of having a bigger penis is having fuller, more satisfying erections, so this is a definite plus [1].

  2. Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg

    Pomegranate is chock full of antioxidants, which have a very good effect on a healthy body. They clear the body of free radicals that cause tissue damage, which may not have been a problem for me specifically, but prevention is better than treatment in my book. The part I was most interested in was the science showing that regular use of Pomegranate helped increase blood flow to the penis. Every male enhancement review and how-to I read stressed the importance of healthy blood flow, so again, this is an important ingredient [2].

  3. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

    Basically a sulpher supplement, this is another ingredient that promotes good blood flow. However, it also promotes the growth of new cell tissue. A bigger penis isn’t going to just magically appear, new tissue has to grow to support the change. If MSM promotes new growth, then it’s a very important thing to include.

    There are other ingredients listed, such as Niacin and Cordyceps, though they focus primarily on increased libido. When I started my male enhancement journey, I felt like my libido was just fine, so I wasn’t as interested in those as the other enhancement benefits.

My Routine with Male Extra


Once my pump and my Male Extra supplements had arrived, I set to work devising a routine. Short of the surgical option, any enhancement was going to require a healthy commitment to the process.

My routine ended up looking like this:

  1. Take one Male Extra tablet with breakfast.
  2. Fill pump and use while in morning shower. (started at 15 minutes to get used to it, raised by 5 minute intervals every 3 days until I got to the standard 45)
  3. Take one Male Extra tablet with dinner.

It seemed like the simplest way to get things done. The dose of the supplement was spread out so that I wouldn’t be subject to the dreaded “expensive pee” problem. This is a common complaint of supplementers everywhere, that much of the product gets wasted in the urine. By spreading it out and allowing it more time to work in my body, I get more benefit from the pills.

The slow working up of the exercises is because I have a healthy respect for my penis. I didn’t start working out at the gym and immediately go to 400 pounds on the leg press; I gradually worked up to heavier weights over time. The same should be true of exercises for such an important part of my life, I figured.

Week One

I didn’t notice any immediate improvements during my first week of male enhancement efforts. Mostly I just noticed discomfort from the effects of using my water pump for the first time. My penis obviously wasn’t expecting to be stretched so much.

I did see the usual short term increase in size from using my penomet pump, of course. That was pretty impressive to see, easily showing the gains I had wanted. They subsided after about four hours, which was a longer boost than I’d expected, but still disappointing.

Week Two

The lack of permanent gains in size continued through the second week. I’d see good gains while using my pump, but they would definitely fade within a few hours. This more than anything convinced me that pumping and penis exercises alone were not going to result in permanent gains.

I did however, start noticing a general improvement in my mood that I attribute to the Male Extra. I said earlier that the libido-improving properties of Male Extra weren’t big on my list of reasons for taking the supplement, and that was true at first. However by the end of week two, I was feeling more aroused, more attentive to my partner, and generally more positive. My erections felt more consistent, and more pleasurable.

Week Three

This is where I started feeling as if I were experiencing some genuine results in the area I was most concerned with. I noticed that while the size increase did still reduce after a few hours, it was lasting longer after each pumping session. Where before I would see a reduction within three to four hours, my gains were starting to last at least five hours now.

The sensation improvements were also picking up speed. Erections weren’t just lasting longer, they felt amazing. I could last longer before orgasm, and each climax was much more intense than what I had experienced before. I started as a skeptic about these parts of the pill, but by week three Male Extra had made a believer out of me.

Week Four

When I started, I really wouldn’t have believed anyone who said that a pump and a supplement could give me indefinite increases in size in a month. Yet by the end of week four, I could definitely say I was at least half an inch longer and a quarter inch thicker when erect. It was astonishing to me, but it was also true. This didn’t translate to a bigger size when flaccid, but the improvement in erection quality was definitely noticeable.

Week Five

After five weeks of taking Male Extra, I simply couldn’t get enough of my partner. I was lasting much longer in bed, and we were having sex more frequently than before. I genuinely am amazed at how much it has improved my appetite for sex and intimacy. Even if it didn’t help with the physical gains, I would recommend Male Extra supplements for people interested in improving their libido with an all natural supplement at this point. The gains themselves are real though, and I’m noticing that the physical enhancement lasts much longer after each pumping session, taking at least seven hours to begin to subside.

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The Verdict

Male Extra definitely gets my vote. I’ve only been working on enhancing myself for five weeks so far, and I’ve already noticed significant improvements. I know that if I stop, the improvements will probably revert to some degree; you can’t permanently change a major part of your anatomy overnight, after all.

However, given the other testimonials and my own results, I’m confident that this could make a permanent change for me.

The results so far really are wonderful, too. I feel far more confident with my partner, and they’re ecstatic about the upturn in my mood and my libido. It’s even helped outside the bedroom, too; we’re feeling so much happier with each other that we’re spending more time talking, going out together, and making big plans for the future. I wouldn’t say anything silly like Male Extra saved my relationship, but factoring it in definitely made things better in very real ways.

Are There Any Side Effects?

male extra graphic

Alright, so let’s get one thing said first, I didn’t experience any side effects of note while taking Male Extra.

That said, it is important to understand that anything you take can have a side effect. The most common one is allergies; some people are just allergic to certain things. If you have a pomegranate allergy, for example, this isn’t something you want to take, so talk to your doctor about what you might be allergic to.

Second, the biggest side effect that you might come across is from the Niacin, also known as vitamin B3. It has been linked to both lowering blood pressure and raising blood sugar. If you have diabetes or already have low blood pressure, any supplement with Niacin can be risky to take. Again, talk very seriously with your doctor about these ingredients.

Where to Buy Male Extra Pills

The only place you can get Male Extra is from the official website. You might see search pointers for Male Extra GNC or other third party sellers, but don’t trust them. Male Extra is a serious product that its makers are very proud of, and they only sell it directly from the Male Extra official website. You can get good deals, with frequent offers such as getting two bottles for free when you buy a 4 month supply.

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