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Below you will find the important facts and figures I feel every consumer should know surrounding Penomet and complete guide for taking necessary precautions.


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Ok, on to those facts and figures…


Product Name: Penomet

Also Known as: Penomet Gaiters, Penomet Pump or Penomet Hydro Pump

Producing Company: Arctic Sea Limited

Product Website: Click Here For The Verified Official Website For Penomet

Shipping Cost: Depends on Weight and Destination

Available At Traditional Stores: No

Available on Amazon: No

Discounts: Penomet Premium ($160), Penomet Extra ($91), Penomet Standard ($42) [The discount varies for each Penomet Package]

Refund Policy: Backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee

Offers Secure Online Payment?: Yes, payments and refunds are handled by Arctic Sea Limited, which employs encryption technologies using 100% SSL Secure checkout to secure sensitive data such as your financial information.

Where To Learn More: Continue reading more on this page or visit the official website

Alternatives To Penomet: Bathmate, SizeGenetics, JES Extender


There are many men who want achieve penis growth within a short time period, yet there are so many products out there offering false claims. If you are a male that is searching high and low for the answers to achieving the growth that you are hoping for, you just might find it with the Penomet Hydro Pump.

With all of the big name brands that say they are guaranteed to bring results, it can be disheartening only to find out that you are not going to have much of a difference than ever before.

What Makes The Penomet Pump Different?

penomet hydro pump

If you have ever had the chance to use a penis pump in the past, you already know that this is a sensitive area of the body to work with, especially when working to extend it. The entire process can be a bit awkward and there are not many men that truly enjoy putting a pump on.

If you find out that they end up hurting you during use, the chances are you are going to be a bit gun shy moving forward.

What it is that makes the Penomet pump so different are the gaiters that you can use. The gaiters are the portion of the pump used for putting pressure or force on the penis as a way to assist with the extension process.

Of course, there are many alternatives to Penomet on the market today, but you happen to get five different gaiters when you purchase this particular pump.

The nice thing about the various gaiters is that you have options that will allow you to start off small with the extension process. You never want to end up putting too much pressure on the penis, as this can hurt and it is not the ideal way for truly extending penis length.

To put it into perspective, you are never going to waltz into a gym to try benching the most amount of weight possible right off. Not only will it not work, but you are going to end up getting hurt from it.

The same idea goes with the Penoment Hydro Pump and how it works. It gives you the options that you need with the various gaiters so that you can start to work your way up at a gradual pace.

All you have to do is add pressure over time and switch out the gaiters as necessary.

What the company has learned throughout a great deal of trial and error is that the gradual increase in the pressure over time will allow the user to see results at a rate of approximately 65% faster than if you had a model that only had a fixed gaiter.

But, How Does Penomet Hydro Pump Work?


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Of course, to understand what makes this pump so much different than the others, you want to know how to use it to get the best possible results.

On the surface, using the Penomet is not much of a difference than other pumps:

Step 1: You simply select a detachable pressure gaiter that corresponds with what you are looking to achieve. For a beginner, it is usually suggested that you start with the one that you have with the lowest setting or the Purple 60 gaiter.

Step 2: You just attach the gaiter that you have selected to the main cylinder of the Penomet pump.

Step 3: You take the Penomet and apply it over your penis. This can be done when you are in the shower, in the bath, or by itself. You just gently pump it a few times until you can get a good vacuum seal going.

Step 4: Here is where you just relax and you just re-pump every couple of minutes as necessary over a period of just 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 5: When you are ready to release the pressure, or you want to be able to remove the pump, all you have to do is press the valve to the side that is located at the end of the cylinder.

Once you are more experienced with the pump and how it works best for you, all you need to do is switch out to the different gaiters so that you can increase the pressure. If you are still on the fence about this product, you should know that it is normal.

You have more than likely tried several other pumps only to be disappointed. However, once you see exactly how this pump works, you are going to be astounded at the results.

Here is the best part!!

Unlike the other pumps that want you to use them for long periods of time each day, all you have to do is use the Penomet Hydro pump just 15 minutes each day, and you are going to have incredible gains.

Keep in mind; there are many men that go between 15 to 30 minutes each time and they then work on gradually increasing the number of sessions in a day to get the maximum benefit.

You can and will get results in just 15 minutes or less!

What will the 15-minute time frame do for you?

When you can add on more inches to the length of your penis, you are opening up a whole new world regarding sexual experience for you and your partner.

The added girth is also a plus, as it can make everything more pleasurable for the both of you. In just a few simple steps as listed above, you can be well on your way to getting the results that you are after.

Suggested Penomet Exercises


While this is a hydro pump that is nice to use all on its own, users are going to get the most out of it when using various exercise plans to meet their needs.

These are exercises geared toward helping to increase the size of the penis by as much as 80%.

Overall, the regimen can be easy to follow, and it will help when you gradually increase the gaiter size with each segment of time that passes by.

Along with the main exercise program that is simple as outlined with the pump, it also comes with a DVD that includes a range of exercises that you can use for various needs to get different results.

However, any user will need to remember if that if there is any discomfort felt whatsoever, it is best to decrease the gaiter size and halt using the device for the time being.

With that being said, men who are looking to get the optimum results can use a proven eight-week program that includes:

Week One – The purple gaiter (60) is used once per day Monday through Friday.

Week Two – Increase the size of the gaiter to the blue (65) for use Monday through Friday.

Week Three – Cut back to the purple again (60) for Monday through Friday.

Week Four – Go back up to the blue gaiter (65) Monday through Friday.

Week Five – Move up to the black gaiter (70) for Monday through Friday.

Week Six – Stay with the black gaiter (70) Monday through Friday.

Week Seven – Move up to the gray gaiter (75) for Monday through Friday.

Week Eight – Go with the gray gaiter (75) on Monday, and then go to the red gaiter (80) on Tuesday, alternating through Friday.

For some people, these are workouts that can be a bit intense and may be a bit difficult to tackle all in one week. However, the user should easily adjust the workout to one that is going to fit in better with their comfort level, their needs, and the time that they have to pump.

Extending the periods can also help to ensure that the penis enlargement process is done safely before moving on to the next gaiter size.

Penis Exercises Video Below (3 min : 58 sec)

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User Feedback & Testimonials about Penomet

User feedback and testimonials are crucial to check credibility of any product.

We went through a number of testimonials posted by users.

Overall we were satisfied with the user feedback and quality of the product delivered to the end-users.

Here is some feedback given by customers from different parts of the world after using Penomet:


Joakim from Sweden explains how Penomet Premium Package helped increase length and girth of his penis. He used a number of products from other manufacturers as well. However, Penomet delivered something which other products can’t even come close to. He was able to increase both length and girth after repeated use. The quality of erections were also improved which was much appreciated by his partner.


For Kemlan from US, Penomet had been a life changing product and the results were incredible.


Paul had the most satisfying experience after using Penomet. He wasn’t happy with the size of his penis and not satisfying his wife enough. After doing extensive research and reading on different forums, he decided to buy Penomet premium. The features he love about Penomet are the interchangeable gaiters and feeling of expansion. He gets a great feeling after each use and quite happy with the results so far.


Seral has great gains for his penis after utilizing the product. After using different gaiters from other manufacturers, he was finally able to find penomet to get perfect suction out of the pump. Other gaiters were either too small in girth or too big in length for use. With penomet, he was able to find the perfect match for his needs and noticed significant increase in size.

Money Back Guarantee and Warranty

60 day money back guarantee

You will see that there are numerous packages out there where you will find many claims regarding the results that you can get when it comes to both length and girth when using the pump.

However, with the Penomet Hydro Pump, you are going to get a money-back guarantee, which is unlike many of the other products that are available today. These companies are not able to offer such a guarantee because they are not positive as to whether or not their product is going to offer quality results.

Just as long as you have made your purchase within a 60-day time-frame, you may return it for a full refund. Just contact the company, and you can offer your explanation, and the refund will be yours.

However, you should know that the positive reviews and testimonials are showing that customers are very happy with the results.

Where to Buy Penomet?

Right now, Penomet can be only purchased through its official website.

Although, you can try searching on google for other vendors, however you can only be sure about 100% of not getting scammed if it’s purchased through the official product website (

You can get maximum discount and least possible price if the product is bought through the official source.

Below is the screenshot that I made from Crazy Bulk’s Official website for Gynectrol. That’s how the website looks like:

penomet official website

(Image was captured on Dec. 28, 2017)

Product Price & Shipping


The manufacturer ships Penomet Worldwide with limitation of few countries where product might not get shipped. This can be viewed in detail while placing your order.

As far as pricing is concerned, Penomet gaiters come in 3 main packages:

  • Penomet Standard ($127 after discount)
  • Penomet Extra ($197 after discount)
  • Penomet Premium ($297 after discount)

(Price were last updated on Dec. 28, 2017)

As you can see Penomet premium is the best package offered by the manufacturer.

Here’s what you get with Penomet Premium:

  • Version 3.0 Penomet
  • PumpForce 60, 65, 70, 75 Gaiter
  • Extreme Force 80 Gaiter
  • Shower Strap
  • Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
  • Printed Instructional booklet
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty

These are the maximum features and bonuses you get with the premium package.

With Penomet Standard and Extra, you also get few of these features and bonuses.

For your convenience, we have bolded above the common items that are offered in ALL 3 Penomet Packages.

Final Verdict: Promising Product for Safe Penis Enlargement


You could be on your way to enjoying incredible, safe gains with the Penomet pump over a short period. Now that you have been looking and you know the alternatives to Penomet are simply not going to give the same gains, you can begin a new life and the size that you have always wanted, all with just 15 minutes per day.



– FAQ #1: So, just what is a Penomet?

Penomet is an alternative to older, uncomfortable dry vacuum penis pumps. The Penomet consists of a main body that’s filled with water, to provide a more comfortable environment for your penis, with a gaiter on the base to provide pressure that enlarges the penis.

– FAQ #2: Why is a Penomet better than a traditional vacuum pump?

It may seem that the Penomet is a worse deal, as it is more expensive than traditional pumps. However, dry vacuum penis pumps are far less comfortable, and can provide uneven pressure on the penis. In some cases, this has lead to temporary or even permanent injury to the sensitive organ in question! Penomet is more comfortable and less risky to use, so it is definitely a better choice.

– FAQ #3: What level of size gain can the Penomet offer?

Men who use the Penomet properly have reported size increases of up to 3″ in length and 30% in girth. These are substantial improvements that should make any man interested in the size of his equipment much happier.

– FAQ #4: Are the results permanent?

If you just use the Penomet once in a while, no, the results will not be permanent. Much like any form of body shaping or sculpting, penis enlargement takes time and commitment. Satisfied users have reported permanent gains when using the Penomet as instructed for a period of 2 months or more.

– FAQ #5: How long are the exercises?

Penomet’s handbook prescribes a very gradual process, focusing on user comfort. Initial sessions will be once per day, lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

As you grow more comfortable with your Penomet, you will increase the length of your sessions and perhaps even add additional sessions as you feel comfortable.

– FAQ #6: What is the Warranty Like?

Penomet Penis pump comes with a one year warranty, which is longer than industry standard.

– FAQ #7: Penomet uses something called a gaiter; what is that?

The gaiters are the attachments placed at the base of the core pump device. These are color coded to correspond to different pressure levels, to increase pressure efficiency as you progress through the workouts.

– FAQ #8: How much does is Penomet?

Depending on the choice you make, it can cost between $127 for the baseline device with one gaiter, and $297 for the package with extended warranty and five pressure gaiters. The largest package is the best deal, but there are choices for those with budgetary concerns as well.

There are several different packages the most expensive package which includes the most expensive Penomet package which has an extended warranty and comes with 5 gaiters cost $297.00 dollars while the cheapest device costs $127.00 dollars

– FAQ #9: What if the Penomet gets stuck?

It will not. Penomet includes a quick release valve that will release the water pressure and allow you to remove the device.

– FAQ #10: Where can I buy Penomet?

Technically, you can find Penomet on Amazon or eBay. However, this is not recommended, as there is only one official distributor of Penomet products. You should purchase directly from as this gives you access to the warranty and any promotional special discounts that may be active.

– FAQ #11: What payment methods does Penomet accept?

You can pay for your Penomet with Diner’s Club, American Express, Visa, or Paypal.

– FAQ #12: Is the packaging discreet?

Absolutely; Penomet is shipped in a plain label box that will not reveal your personal matters to anyone when it is delivered.

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