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semenax review

Sexual performance is something a lot of men have had trouble talking about for a long time.

We’re conditioned to be strong, silent types, and to brush aside any hint we might not be at peak performance at all times.

Add in the embarrassing and private nature of so-called bedroom complaints, and you have a perfect recipe for the infamous state of quiet desperation feared by poets and philosophers.

However, the situation is changing.

Prescription sexual performance enhancers have been available since the late 1990s, but even the little blue pills are no longer the only option available.

A variety of more natural supplements are also there for our use.

One such pill is the natural male enhancement pill called Semenax.

Semenax is a carefully chosen combination of natural herbs and compounds intended to help men increase their semen production, and to have more intense, fulfilling orgasms.

How It Works?

Ejaculation is a key part of any orgasm. It is the finishing touch, so to speak, that accompanies the ecstatic release of sexual energy. Less intense ejaculations are frequently reported as less satisfying than a fuller ejaculation.

Semenax’s selection of herbal compounds doesn’t create semen in and of itself, of course. Instead, the compounds chosen support proper health of the reproductive system.

The seminal vesicles, prostate, and testicles are all involved in the production of semen. Semenax’s formula provides ingredients that have been linked to improved health in each of these subordinate structures of the sexual organs.

By increasing the availability of these ingredients, Semenax claims to allow the organs to better produce and release high quantities of semen.

The main idea is that producing additional semen will help improve the quality of orgasms men enjoy over time.

Does Semenax Work?

The most urgent question for men who want to use a supplement for their sexual health is the question of efficacy.

In short, do Semenax pills do what they say they will do?

The claims of the company are impressive.

The product’s manufacturers boast that semen production can be increased by up to 500% of pre-supplement loads.

Further the company claims that orgasm duration, control of ejaculation, and satisfaction from orgasm are also increased.

It is obvious that these are on the high end of results.

More commonly claimed results are an 80% to 150% increase in semen volume, with a conmeasurate increase in the consistency and thickness of the ejaculate.

As for the additional effects, most users can expect a combination of some of these results rather than all of them. The company very responsibly points out that results do vary by user, as we all have different bodies with different biochemistries.

That said, the majority of stated reviews and testimonials online are highly positive. Increased semen volume is consistently observed and stated by users of Semenax products.

Additionally, reported increases in satisfaction both from users and users’ partners are stressed among positive reviews.

There are comparatively few negative reviews, so it seems that for a great many users, Semenax does work at least partly as promised, and is therefore worth the time to investigate.

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Semenax Side Effects

side effects

Encouragingly, the main ingredients of Semenax are very side-effect light.

Virtually no users among the many reviews have expressed discomfort with side effects from taking Semanax.

In general, the most common effect was nausea, which was still an exceedingly rare result.

Most users’ bodies seem to tolerate the combination of ingredients in Semenax very well.

Semenax Formula

The ingredient list in Semenax is rather impressive.

This is only the first six ingredients on the formula list, as well. Others include vitamin E, hawthorne, and cranberry extract.

It is clear the producers of Semenax pills intended to approach the issue from multiple directions.

Compunds in Swedish Flower and cranberry extract are intended to promote the health of the underlying structures as claimed in the company’s advertising.

Others such as Catuaba bark, horny goat weed, and maca are noted in traditional and alternative medicine as effective aphrodesiacs.

These are herbs that increase desire and interest in sexual activity.

They promote arousal, erectile duration, and satisfaction when engaging in sexual activity.

Where to Buy Semenax

Below is the screenshot from the official website of Semenax. That’s how the website looks like:

semenax new official website

(Image was taken on January 04, 2018)

Semenax is not sold in supplement or alternative medicine stores with physical locations.

Instead, it is only available online.

There are several websites offering Semenax pills and products, but it can be some work choosing the correct one for your needs.

The most important question to ask is whether the site you locate is offering a money back guarantee on their inventory.

Ordering from the main site for Semenax, for example, gives access to a 30 day money-back guarantee. If results are not seen within the 30 days, send back your remaining supply and you will be refunded accordingly with no questions asked.

A company should be willing to stand by their products.

Be very suspicious of any source of Semenax supplements that does not offer such a guarantee.

Far too many companies offer products of dubious quality, so when in doubt, buy from the company directly.

Involve Your Doctor

Every user who is interested in starting a supplement regimen is strongly urged to speak with their doctor before doing so.

Your physician will have information about your personal health, and can advise you on important factors such as allergies or possible interactions with already prescribed medications.

Your sexual health is important, and it should be included in the scope of your entire body’s health.

Final Verdict: Impressive Product for Men

FDA approved

In summary, Semenax is a very impressive product for men seeking assistance in the sexual performance department.

It offers an ingredient list that implies working on the issue from multiple angles.

Money back guarantees are offered for those who don’t see results.

A significant majority of users who have taken the time to review the product report very substantial results from using these pills.

Nobody wants to feel as if they are suffering in their bedroom performance. Sexual satisfaction is a key part of holistic physical and psychological health, after all.

Patients who desire a bit of assistance in this area who also don’t trust prescription alternatives should find Semenax a worthwhile proposition.

The old taboos against asking for help in this department are just that, old. If you feel something is lacking in your sexual satisfaction, or if you simply want to improve the performance you already have, there is very little reason not to try this interesting, complex health supplement.


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