Semenax Review 2022- My Results, Side Effects and Benefits

I’m always cautious with penis supplements because they’re definitely some pills out there that are more hype than results. So after hearing about the sperm volume formula, I was curious and also skeptical. But after using Semenax for about eight weeks, I’m pretty happy with the results. Here’s a in-depth review of my personal experience using this natural male health supplement.

semenax review

Why I Decided To Take Semenax


I was starting to get concerned about the volume and potency of my ejaculations. It’s not uncommon to hear that guys like me have a variety of sexual issues especially as they age. Many men feel inadequate when the volume (and power) of their ejaculations is lacking that extra oomph. When you climax and it just sputters out, you’re not exactly feeling like a viral man. I’ve also heard that less sperm volume leads to weaker and shorter climaxes. My female partners have also told me that they enjoy sex more when their partner produces larger amounts of ejaculate. A man who can produce a large amount of semen can trigger a woman’s sexually by inciting her desire for a fertile mate. I know that when I’m able to increase my volume, I experience more contractions during orgasm. Any improvement in sexual function will definitely increase a man’s confidence and interest in sex. The Semenax formula not only heightens a man’s sexuality, it also stimulates his partner. It’s also a good supplement to take if your an older man who wants healthy sperm quality for fertility purposes.

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Semenax Pill Ingredients

semenax ingredients

The main ingredients in the formulation include L. lysine, an essential amino acid that your body must get from food. If there’s not enough of it in your diet, then your sperm and testosterone production are impaired. The formulation contains zinc oxide as well, which I have used before as a testosterone enhancer. Another important ingredient is L. arginine, a semi-essential amino acid. This amino acid helps to increase the amount of semen your body can produce, as well as giving you harder erections by increasing the blood flow to the penis. I also like that the supplement includes Swedish flower pollen, which is actually the male seed of the flower. All I know is that flower pollen is also in the prostate formula I take, so anything that’s good for the prostate is going to increase your ability to produce seminal fluids.

There are other ingredients in these natural male enhancement pills as well, but they all work to help you produce a big a load. The ingredients are all natural, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting any weird chemicals that cause side-effects. And according to the label, it’s manufactured in the U.S. following supplement industry best standards.

What Does This Natural Male Enhancemet Pill Do?

The ingredients in these pills does four things:

  1.  Increases your seminal fluid that acts as a medium for your semen.
  2. Increases the seminal vessel fluids (which makes up 70& of your ejaculation).
  3. Increases your prostate gland fluid (which is around 20% of your ejaculation).
  4. Increase the urethral gland fluids that make your ejaculate thicker.

Website and Ordering

semenax new official website

The company website helps build trust via testimonials from both customers and medical professionals. The latter are most important to me. When I see that a supplement is endorsed by medical doctors, that’s more concrete than just anecdotal evidence that it works.

The order process went smoothly. Delivery was fast and I was able to track my shipment using the link they sent me in my confirmation email. The supplement was sent in a non-descript package (just a plain brown box), which is always good for privacy purposes. The billing was also pretty discreet on my credit card bill. I can’t remember the name, but it was just some generic company name that would not tip off anyone who saw your bill that you had just bought a penis supplement. The company offers a full money back guarantee with a generous two month refund period. The recommended dosage is three capsules per day, with each bottle giving you a monthly supply of 90 capsules.

My Semenax Review

I have been producing a larger volume of semen than normal after taking the pills. I started noticing results from Semenax pills after only a week. A few days later, my volume started to increase a bit more. Because of the increased volume of semen, I’ve been ejaculating further because of the increased volume. That might be a surprise for your girlfriend, so fair warning on that. Not only did my volume noticeably increase, I’d say it kept building the longer I took it.

I reached double volume after six weeks, so I’m able to answer yes when people ask me “does Semenax work”? If my experience is indicative, then you’ll likely get results as well. I’m only eight weeks into taking it, so I’m not sure how much more my volume will increase. Triple volume seems doable, though I really think the increase is going to vary from person to person. So I think you’ll see a benefit, and where that progress begins to top off is something that may take a few months to gauge.

My erections have been somewhat harder, and I seem to be more interested in sex. Orgasms are more enjoyable and intense because of releasing the larger loads. One of my reasons for starting this supplement is that my ejaculations felt weak, so I’m appreciating the improvement.

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Drawbacks of Semenax


Any Semenax side effects were not an issue at all for me, so that was a big plus. It is a supplement you have to continue purchasing if you want the effects. Once you stop the pills, your volume and ejaculation power goes back to normal. While I wouldn’t say that these pills are expensive, they’re not cheap either. But most guys will easily be able to fit it in their monthly budget, especially when you like the results. I like being able to purchase a supplement like this online without the need for a prescription. Not only does that avoid an awkward conversation with your doctor, but you don’t have to stand there while your pharmacist goes over the possible side-effects of the penis pills you’ve been prescribed.

Another thing I’ll note is that since this seems to start working within a few days, you can use it off and on anytime you need more volume. I saw remarkable results in one week, but the results started becoming noticeable within a couple of days. This on and off regimen can help your bottle last longer if you don’t want to be on it all of the time.

Semenax is a great supplement to take for those wanting to boost their sexual function up a level. I’ve not only achieved greater load volumes, but I’ve also experienced heightened sexual arousal, more powerful orgasms and improved sex with my partner. These natural male enhancement pills did what the website said it would do, and you can’t ask for more than that. I will definitely buy Semenax again because I really like the results.

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