Spartagen XT Review

What is Spartagen xt?


Spartagen XT is a herbal-based nutritional supplement that is formulated for men suffering from Andropause symptoms. It has been clinically tested and proven to increase the level of testosterone. Men taking the supplement should experience an increased libido, stamina, and overall strength. Spartagenxt is manufactured by Edge Bioactives, an established company that claims the supplement functions to boost testosterone levels using a blend of active, potent active ingredients.

Causes of Andropause

Just like menopause, the period causes low sex drive in men, reduced sexual and athletic performance, and lack of sexual energy. The condition is characterized by low levels of testosterone and affects men age 50 and older. It is part of the natural aging process where 10% of testosterone levels reduce every decade after the age of 30. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male physical characteristics like a deep voice, muscle strength, facial hair, and a healthy sexual drive.

As men age, the body also produces higher levels of the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The hormone binds the available testosterone that is circulating in the blood, thus reducing the number of free testosterone. Not that the testosterone not bound to SHBG is known as bioavailable testosterone. As such, men who experience andropause symptoms have low levels of bioavailable testosterone in their blood.

It causes tissues that are stimulated by testosterone to receive lower amounts, leading to physical and mental changes in an individual. Apart from the low sex drive, men who have andropause may also experience mood swings, hot flashes, low muscle mass, increased body fat, and depression.

How Spartagen xt Reduces Andropause Symptoms

The supplement provides advanced testosterone support by increasing the levels of bioavailable testosterone, thus promoting stamina and boosting sex. Increased levels of free testosterone means that various tissues that are stimulated by the hormone receive the required amounts, thus boosting the quality of a man’s erections, reducing belly fat, improving the quality of sleep, enhancing energy, and increasing lean muscle mass.

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Spartagen xt Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, Edge Bioactives, the supplement is the only testosterone booster that contains a blend of potent extracts that act on prolactin, which is a precursor to stimulating the body’s natural production of testosterone while using the Red Magic Sex Amplification Matrix (Maca Butea Superba extract, Chrysin flower, and Asian Ginseng). Spartagen xt ingredients feature a combination of these natural plant extracts:

1. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

It is a foliage herb that was used among the South Asian descent to boost sexual drive and boost virility in men. It has two active components- Eury-comanone and Saponin that enhance the production of testosterone. Tongkat Ali also carries aphrodisiac and erection sustaining compounds like canthanin-6 metabolites as well as derivative compounds of the aromatic squalenic group known to promote one’s libido and sexual health. Apart from promoting a man’s sexual health, the ingredient acts as a great stress reliever that reduces anxiety and boosts one’s mood. Tongkat Ali also increases the quality of semen and its quantity in men- another andropause symptom.

2. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

The vitamin enhances the production of androgens, leading to improved testosterone levels. It also works on the C2 pathway of the brain to regulate the production of hormones that affect the production of testosterone such as estrogen. Both men and women carry testosterone and estrogen hormones.

An imbalance of these proportions in males, for instance, where estrogen levels are high in men, causes struggling levels of testosterone in men. A study was conducted to determine the interaction of testosterone and Vitamin B6 in rats for four weeks. Blood testosterone levels of the B6- free groups reduced by up to 70% compared to the control group. It shows the role that Vitamin B6 has in boosting the levels of testosterone.

3. Tribulus


The ingredient is derived from Tribulus Terrestris, which is also referred to as puncture vine. It contains Saponins, the active component that stimulates the production of LH (Lutenizing Hormone), thus promoting the production of testosterone. Tests performed on normal and castrated mice showed increased testosterone levels after Tribulus was administered. The group that was given a placebo did not show any changes.

4. Vitamin D and Magnesium



Vitamin D is included in the Spartagen xt to promote the growth of new, strong muscles while magnesium strengthens an individual’s cardiovascular system, hence boosting his athletic ability.

5. Asian Ginseng Extract

Asian Ginseng Extract

It is a natural, healthy stimulant that boosts one’s energy while reducing erectile dysfunction. Men taking the herb attain erections faster, and they last longer.

6. Maca Root

Maca Root


Known by scientific names like Lepidiummeyenii and Lepidium Peruvianum, the root is used for boosting one’s energy and mood. It also increases the sexual performance, male libido, and promotes sperm production in men who are infertile.

7. Chrysin Flower

Chrysin Flower


The extract supports muscle growth and prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

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Does Spartagen xt Work?

While all the ingredients prove Spartagen xt helps boost one’s testosterone levels, does Spartagen xt really work? The supplement was formulated by a group of dedicated researchers and scientists. Coupled with exercise, Spartagen xt leads to the development of larger muscles while increasing the levels of free testosterone. The effects are primarily associated with the Red Magic Matrix ingredients that allow the body to oxygenate better and nourish the muscles during intense workouts, causing men to have longer and stronger orgasms.

However, there is minimal scientific data to show the ingredients contained in Spartagen XT increase testosterone levels. Note that the product has been on the market for a short period and the manufacturer’s site lacks Sparatagen xt reviews to validate the presumed effects of the supplement. That’s the reason, we recommend TestoGen that works better than Spartagen.

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Spartagen xt Side Effects

• Enhanced mood and increased energy
• Improved testosterone levels
• Builds muscles
• Rids of erectile dysfunction while boosting sexual performance
• Restores a balanced production of hormones

All the ingredients of this supplement are natural, hence users should not worry about adding chemicals to their bodies. But, it requires users to take the supplement often as it may take a while before they begin to experience changes.

Symptoms of High Testosterone Levels

fitness bodybuilder

Since Spartagen xt helps boost testosterone levels, it may cause the body to produce the hormone in excessive amounts. While elevated levels of the hormone allow muscle buildup, enhance one’s libido, and keep the energy levels up, high amounts of testosterone can negatively affect a man’s health.

Testosterone levels that are higher than 1000ng/dl are considered more than the normal level. For a typical male 1000ng/dl, corresponds to 150-200 mg of testosterone supplement taken in a week based on an individual’s metabolism. Amounts higher than this limit have profound effects on a man’s physical and mental abilities. Symptoms of high testosterone in men include:

• Oily skin
• Acne
• Reduced sperm count
• Fluid retention
• Swelling of the prostate
• Increased red blood cell
• Sleep apnea
• Reduced size of the testicles
• Enlarged breasts

Excessive amounts of testosterone is converted to estrogen-a female hormone, hence the development of symptoms like enlarged breasts and reduced testicle sizes.

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Side Effects of too much Testosterone

Prolonged elevated levels of testosterone have the following side effects:

  • Heart Disease

High levels of testosterone lead to reduced levels of good cholesterol or HDL, increased blood pressure, and body weight, which are all risk factors associated with heart disease. Elevated levels of the hormone also increase the risk of developing blood clots, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

  • Aggressiveness

Men who have elevated levels of the hormone tend to respond to particular situations more aggressively and are more likely to enter into fights. A 1999 study conducted by Penn State University about “Testosterone and Men’s Health” found that men with elevated levels of the hormone are more likely to engage in vigorous activities.

  • Anger and Mood Swings

High levels of testosterone also lead to uncontrollable anger in men. The imbalance makes it hard to control their emotions. They are also likely to experience mood swings without particular causes. Men with elevated levels of testosterone are happy one minute and depressed the next; they tend to exhibit over-reactive emotions even at the slightest trigger.

  • Shrinking Testicles

Excessive amounts of the hormone in the blood may shut down the activity of the testes, leading to the development of shrunken testicles. Men undergoing testosterone therapy for prolonged periods are more likely to develop the problem.

Spartagen Price

A bottle of Spartagen XT has a thirty-day supply- 60 capsules with the following prices:

  • $69 for 1-month supply
  • $ 177 for 3-month supply
  • $ 294 for 6-month supply

The order comes with five free eBooks:

  • Superstar stamina
  • Kama sutra-the Lost chapter
  • Spartan 300 Top Secret Workout
  • Healthy Happy & Hung
  • 33 Innocent Words to Turn Her On

Spartagen xt Where to Buy


Spartagen xt is sold directly to a consumer and is only available online via its website where buyers enjoy reasonable shipping costs. Buyers can also make orders from Edge Bioactives, a direct partner and online resource that allows the consumer to learn more about Spartagen xt. Adopting this direct sale model means Spartagen GNC is not available. You will also not find Spartagen for sale in big online stores like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

Shipping Spartagen XT

Spartagen xt has an auto-subscription feature, thus customers don’t have to make repeat orders. You just need to choose your ideal supply option and fill out a form that requires you to provide the necessary billing and shipping information to place your order. If the order is successful, you will receive a confirmation message and instant access to the five free eBooks.

Refund Policy

Spartagen xt provides a 90-day refund policy. According to the manufacturer’s website, users get a refund even when they have consumed the entire bottle. They just need to mail the bottle to get the money back.

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