20 Fat Fighting Foods

The Biofit is a supplement created by Natures Formulas to help fight obesity and lose weight. The program is unique in comparison to other popular programs such as Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic and Resurge. The Natures Formulas program uses a specialized technique that is backed up by scientific research. The creator of the supplement has years of experience in the fat loss industry, hence the Biofit supplement proves to be quite effective. Many users have posted positive Biofit reviews, since the program helped them lose weight in 21 days. The book explains the fat fighting foods that help lose weight.


Great foods that fight fat!

Losing weight is often a tedious regime. Instinctively, we convince ourselves that a little exercise and less food will do the trick.

It’s widely accepted that to lose weight, it is achieving the right balance of around 70% diet and 30% exercise. Your diet is the key to your perfect body. Below is a list of 20 fat fighting foods that will help you lose weight, whilst hopefully still having fun with the foods you eat. The Biofit Plan by Natures Formulas also proves to be useful when it comes to losing weight with diet.

The foods that will fight the fat!

In no particular order.


Garlic contains methionine, glutathione and selenium. You do not need to know what that stuff is, but you may want to know that it’s great for detoxifying your liver – useful for removing stubborn fat!


You may know this one from the “negative calorie” myth. However, Celery does fill you up without adding calories. It contains potassium and sodium which help regulate your fluid balance, and the insoluble fiber helps to move food quickly through the body.

Dark Chocolate

That’s right! Dark Chocolate contains catechins as found in Green Tea, which speed up your metabolism. Aim for chocolate with 70% or more cocoa. Contains sugar and fat though, so eat in moderation!


The homemade stuff, not the microwave ones! Plain popcorn, at only 100 kcal per 25g, gives you a fraction of the calories that other savory snacks offer.


Plain peanuts contain good fats that increase your satiety (the feeling of being full after eating) and increase your resting metabolism by around 11%!

Green Salad

A no brainer. Eating a plate of green leaves (without the calorie-filled dressing!) is a great way to reduce the amount you eat after a main meal.


The acetic acid in vinegar slows the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine, so you feel fuller for longer. Go for a nice balsamic vinegar and enjoy with your green salad (above).


A little cinnamon can help prevent post-meal insulin spikes which make you feel hungry. Enjoy on porridge or muesli in the morning!

Live Yogurt

The probiotics increase the good bacteria in your gut. There has been evidence to suggest that obesity is linked with an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.


High in vitamin C, which helps your fat-burning potential.

Green Tea

Contain catechins which help speed up your metabolism. Green Tea has no fat, and no sugar. Aim for 3-5 cups a day.


Grapefruit reduces insulin spikes, encouraging weight loss.


Chili’s contain capsaicin, an appetite suppressant.


A study of 30 overweight people found that those who ate two scrambled eggs on toast in the morning, consumed less for the following 36 hours than whose who ate a bagel of equal calories.


Porridge takes five minutes to make and contains soluble fiber that not only fills you up, but delays the stomach from emptying and thus leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Pumpkin Seeds

High in zinc, a mineral that helps to control appetite. Zinc-deficiency can lead to a loss of taste and smell which can leave you wanting sweet and/or salty foods.

Miso Soup

Eating Miso soup as a starter can reduce your overall calorie intake by around 20%.


Containing a high water: carb ratio, you feel fuller quicker. It also helps reduce fat storage by containing high amounts of an amino acid called citrulline.


OK, so its not a food but water is essential for losing weight. Often when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. Try consuming 8 glasses or more a day to keep your body hydrated, your water retention low and those fake hunger signs away!


Beans are high in fiber and are a natural appetite suppressant.

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