Is Bradley Martyn Natural, or Is He Using Steroids?


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Bradley Martyn is a huge social media star in more ways than one. He has millions of followers on Instagram, but the first thing you notice about him is that he’s literally massive. He’s a mountain of a man, with huge muscles and a low body fat percentage.

It’s normal to wonder if Bradley Martyn uses steroids. That’s why we looked at the evidence to answer the question “is Bradley Martyn natural?”

To start, let’s take a look at how big Bradley Martyn really is.

Bradley Martyn Stats:


Bradley Martyn Age: 28, born on May 28, 1989

Bradley Martyn Height: 6’3

Bradley Martyn Weight: Approximately 260 pounds

Bradley Martyn Body Fat Percentage: Around 7 to 8 percent

Of course, it’s not just about how old is Bradley Martyn. To figure out is Bradley Martyn natty, we need to consider how long he has been training and the type of gains he has made.

Bradley Martyn Bio and Training Timeline

According to Bradley Martyn, he began lifting weights at about 15 or 16 years old, which likely means bradley martyn young agein 2004 to 2005. Bodybuilders with significant muscle mass usually start at a young age and experience far quicker muscle growth than the average teen because their genetics are more suited towards packing on muscle.

Bradley Martyn first competed in a National Physique Committee (NPC) amateur bodybuilding show in 2011, and you can see the kind of progress he had made in photos from the event. He built a solid physique, with decent muscle mass at a low body fat. But it’s also obvious that he was much smaller back then, and he has since packed on a substantial amount of muscle mass.

Bradley Martyn’s transformation from 2011 to 2017 is one sign of steroid use. A person can make significant gains in five to six years of training if they don’t have much experience, but someone who has already been training for years won’t get those same massive gains. The fact that Bradley Martyn’s bodybuilding has continued to result in this kind of growth, even after he already had a good physique, indicates that he isn’t all natural.

Physical Signs of Steroid Use in Bradley Martyn

Even though Bradley Martyn is very muscular and lean, his body doesn’t have many of the typical signs of steroid use. Overall, he has a natural look, which initially gives the impression that Bradley Martyn is natty. However, there are still some visual cues that Bradley Martyn uses steroids.

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Thick Muscles

bradley martyn transformation

The most glaring physical sign is the thickness of his muscles. Certain steroids make the user’s muscles much thicker than normal, and Bradley Martyn has muscles which fit the bill here.

Deca durabolin is one of the most popular steroids known to cause muscle thickness, as it makes the muscle bellies very full and round. You can spot this in pictures that focus on Bradley Martyn’s arms, traps and shoulders, all of which look extremely thick.

Flushing and Redness in the Skin

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) raise the user’s body temperature. This can lead to flushed or red skin, which is something you can notice in certain photos of Bradly Martyn. Since he’s white, it would be one thing if his skin looked a little pink in some pictures, but there are photos where his entire upper body looks very red.

Competition Drug Testing

The final factor to consider is whether any governing bodies would have caught Bradley Martyn if he used steroids. As mentioned, he has competed under the NPC, which claims to have natural bodybuilding competitions.

Despite those claims, the NPC doesn’t have a good reputation for catching steroid users. From what bodybuilders who have competed in NPC shows have said, competitors can get drug tested, but the tests are easy to pass and present little danger if the bodybuilder isn’t on a steroid stack at the time of the test.

The NPC also doesn’t publicize who fails its tests, which means even if a bodybuilder did, that would stay private.

Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids?

bradley martyn muscles

The evidence makes a strong case for Bradley Martyn using steroids. There are some physical signs there, and the Bradley Martyn before and after pictures comparing him from 2011 to now show gains that would be hard to attain naturally, at least for someone who had already experienced their beginner gains.

Possible Steroids Taken by Bradley Martyn

The next question is what steroids Bradley Martyn took. The two most likely potential steroids are Deca and Dianabol.

We talked about Deca earlier as the cause of muscle thickness. It also helps quite a bit with strength gains, and Bradley Martyn has put up big numbers on many of his lifts.

Dianabol is a popular legal steroid for bulking up. It causes the user to retain a bit of water, giving the muscles a smooth look that appears more natural than the typical shredded look that steroid users often have.

It’s believed that Arnold Schwarzenegger used a stack with Deca and Dianabol (or D-Bol for short) in his prime bodybuilding years, and Bradley Martyn has a somewhat similar physique.

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