How to improve your respiratory system?


The respiratory system is complex, and many people take it for granted. You might not feel the need to take care of it, but with deadly viruses around, it’s a great idea to start paying close attention to the health of your respiratory system.

The respiratory system is the natural defense system of your body, and it keeps the germs and bacteria away from your lungs. From regular exercises to consuming respiratory boosting supplements like Sinuplex, there are multiple things you can do to maintain the excellent functioning of your lungs.

Here are some practical ways to improve your respiratory system.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is terrible for your lungs, and cigarettes can exponentially harm your lungs to a great extent. Moreover, smoking can lead to various respiratory and other types of diseases. From cancer to high blood pressure to cardiac arrest, smoking can shorten your life.

You might think smoking tobacco is harmful and vaping is a good substitute, but that is not the case. Vaping is as harmful as smoking a cigarette or sheesha, which is why vaping has been banned in many countries. Moreover, it can block the air passage and make breathing difficult for you. Smoking can also cause inflammation and chronic bronchitis.

Wear a pollution mask whenever you are traveling in the city

Even if you stay indoors, the AQI can be unhealthy. Thus, you should consider having an air freshener inside your home. If you live in an urban landscape, check the air quality index whenever you plan to step out of your home. If it is over 51, it could be harmful to your respiratory system. On the other hand, if the AQI is above 100, you should wear a clean respiratory mask as it will help prevent PM particles from getting into your nose and lungs.

Take Natural Supplements

Besides wearing masks and installing air fresheners, taking a supplement that is designed to support healthy respiratory function is a wellness habit that improves the respiratory system’s health. There are a variety of supplements that can improve your sinuses’ nasal and lung functions. Supplements like Sinuplex contain vitamin C, quercetin, stinging nettle root extract, bromelain, and other beneficial ingredients that can do wonders for your respiratory system.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is beneficial for your overall wellness and health. Being physical will keep your lungs healthy. No matter how old or young you are, exercising three to five times a week is a must if you wish to stay healthy. If you do not have the time for a full workout, you can go for a brisk walk every day. Exercising helps with the blood flow in your lungs and improves your lung capacity, enabling them to transfer more oxygen to your blood.

Maintain good hygiene

During the pandemic it was easy to remember to wash your hands regularly. Even after the pandemic is over, you must not forget to wash your hands regularly. Any infection, flu or cold can spread if you touch your nose, face, or mouth with dirty and contaminated hands. So, it is best to clean your hands with soap and water or sanitizer regularly.

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