Muira Puama Benefits and Side Effects

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Muira puama is a powerful plant commonly used in holistic and naturopathic medicine. The wood and the root are both used to create Muira puama herb supplements and extracts. It is primarily used to prevent and treat sexual disorders and increase libido, arousal and desire in men and women. However, it also is commonly used as an appetite stimulant and suppressant. It has been used to treat stomach upset and ease the pain commonly associated with ulcers.

Menstrual pain and disorders as well as joint pain and paralysis caused from poliomyelitis are also commonly treated with Muira puama supplements. Some people utilize the Muira puama herb as a general tonic for overall health and wellness.

Muira puama is available at many health food stores and online retailers. It primarily comes in pill form, but there are some Muira puama topical creams that are used exclusively for sexual stimulation and arousal. Other topical root creams are targeted to help alleviate muscle and joint pain. The exact formulations vary depending on the specific condition being treated.

What is Muira Puama Specifically Used for?


  • Sexual disorders: when combined with Ginkgo Biloba as a supplement
  • Upset stomach and ulcers
  • Achy and sore joints and muscles
  • Menstrual pain and disorders
  • Loss of appetite and increased appetite
  • Overall health and energy

What are the Benefits of Muira Puama?

nerve cells and neurotransmitters

In addition to improving many side effects of sexual dysfunction, the Amazonian Muira puama herb has also been shown to improve cognitive function, and it may also help to alleviate stress, fatigue and anxiety symptoms. Muira puama acts as an aphrodisiac in men and women, and it can improve erections in men and enhance female orgasm by up to 60 percent.

Muira puama is also commonly given to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This powerful brain tonic drug decreases plaque deposits in the brain and prohibits the enzymes that build plaque deposits in the brain. In many scientific studies, lab mice had restored brain activity much in the same way that prescription Alzheimer’s drugs improved cognitive function and condition with long-term Muira puama use.

Stress-induced depression and anxiety have been shown to improve significantly with continued Muira puama use. The supplement can also improve general fatigue and weakness and can improve post-surgical fatigue, irritability, pain and headaches as well.

Some studies show that Muira puama can help reduce cortisol, cholesterol and body fat, and it also increases lean muscle mass when consumed regularly. Many diabetic patients take Muira puama to lower their bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

Side Effects

side effects

According to Web MD, pregnant and nursing women may want to refrain from taking Muira puama supplements, as there is not enough scientific research to show whether the herb is harmful to fetuses or babies. Upset stomachs and headaches are commonly reported with Muira puama use.

In some cases and in high does, Muira puama can cause temporary hypotension; it draws blood away from the heart. While there have not been any official clinical studies and subsequent results pertinent to the consumption of Muira puama, it is possible that the herb can interfere with nitrates or sexual performance enhancing drugs containing nitrates; this can lead to a sudden and dangerous drop in blood pressure.

Drug Interactions

There have not been any clinical or official studies on specific drug interactions when taking Muira puama supplements, but if you are taking any of the following medications, it is best to check with a licensed healthcare professional for clarification:

  • Sexual-enhancement drugs containing nitrates
  • Certain heart and blood pressure medications
  • Medicines for erectile dysfunction
  • Steroids
  • Hormone medications
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia medications

What is the Standard Dosage for Muira Puama?

men and women sexual health

The proper dosage of Muira puama is dependent on a specific number of factors. The age, health and sex of a user are the most important factors to consider. The intended use and duration use are also factored in when determining the appropriate dosage.

There have not been enough scientific studies to recommend an appropriate dosage, but over-the-counter supplements and creams range from 100 mg, and up, daily. Depending on your underlying condition or concern, most people feel the positive effects of consuming Muira puama after about three days of consecutive use.

The Origins of Muira Puama

All parts of the root and wood have been use historically for natural medicinal purposes, but the bark andPlanta_muira_puama roots are traditionally the most commonly used in supplements. Indigenous people in the Amazon treat neuromuscular and paralysis-related problems with Muira puama root.

In addition to being a sexual stimulant, it also is known to help with gastrointestinal issues and weakness, and many indigenous people also believe it helps to prevent and treat baldness in both men and women.

Muira puama contains natural sterols that are the building blocks of testosterone. It relaxes the female and male reproductive systems in a way that increases blood flow, sensitivity and satisfaction to individuals consuming the herb regularly. It is still widely and commonly used in the Amazon and all over Europe, and it is becoming readily available in health food stores and online shops in the United States.

The Muira puama supplement can be purchased at a wide variety of healthy food stores and specialty vitamin shops in your community. Online retailers often carry a much wider selection and offer better pricing for Muira puama tablets and ointments.

While Muira puama is generally easily tolerated by most people, you may want to start with a minimum dosage or application to ensure you will not experience any uncomfortable side effects from the initial, or continued, use. There have not been any scientific studies to show adverse effects from extended consumption of Muira puama, but you should bring any concerns about drug interaction and use to a trusted health care professional.

It is also important to disclose all vitamins, pain relievers, prescription drugs and other medications you may be taking during your appointment with a doctor to ensure there are not any potential implications from taking Muira puama. Though this potent and effective herb is traditionally used to improve sexual function and libido, it is also widely used to treat depression, anxiety, memory loss, obesity and Alzheimer's disease.