Prosolution Plus Review 2022 – Does it Work?

Prosolution Plus Review


What is Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution Plus is an all-natural male enhancement supplement offered by Leading Edge Health. Clinically tested and using concepts from the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it has fewer side effects than prescription options and has shown promise in independent clinical testing. It is an interesting option for men who have not had success with other supplements to consider.


Before I put anything in my body, I want to know what I’m taking. I’m naturally curious as to why a company chooses to put certain ingredients into its products, and why they should work on someone taking the product.

  • Tribulus Terrestris
    Tribulus Terrestris, or TT, is an aphrodisiac with a long history. Clinical studies suggest that it has a value in increasing male response time, reducing the resting time needed between orgasms.
  • Withania Somnifera
    Withania Somnifera is another medicine with traditional usage, this time in Ayurvedic medicine. The key traits that make it of interest as a male enhancement supplement are that it promotes increased blood flow, and that it acts as a mood stabilizer. The first quality is obviously of importance to men who wish to achieve and maintain erection. The second might not seem as important, but a key factor in impotence among males is anxiety; if we can relax, we can get into the mood more naturally.
  • Curculigo Orchioides
    Also known as Golden Eye-grass, this little compound showed promise in clinical studies as improving sexual desire and erection quality. This can help men get into the mood and stay there longer. There are several other ingredients, but these seemed to be the most interesting out of the list. As always, consult the full list of ingredients before making decisions for yourself.

Does Prosolution Plus Work?

We all know there’s a lot of snake oil and sugar pills out there. Prosolution isn’t some homeopathic remedy that doesn’t have any actual active ingredients, it is a supplement with ideal dosages of its key ingredients.

Clinical studies of each compound, and of Prosolution itself, showed a marked improvement in sexual performance for subjects taking Prosolution plus pills.

The numbers themselves are quite interesting.

  • A 67% improvement in erection quality.
  • A 78% improvement in sexual satisfaction.
  • A 64% reduction in premature ejaculation.
  • A 48% improvement in overall sexual performance.

It is important to note that these numbers reflect the number of participants who reported such improvements after taking the medication, not the improvement each participant experienced. Even so, just under half of the men taking the pill felt their overall sexual performance was improved by the supplement. More than three quarters of participants felt that Prosolution Plus pills increased their satisfaction with sex, and two thirds felt they had better control over their erections and ejaculation timing. The Prosolution Plus results are quite promising to men looking to improve their sexual satisfaction.

Side Effects

So, if Prosolution works, what are its side effects? Every compound we put in our bodies has a trade off. This is clearly seen with the pharmaceutical options, which come with side effects like nausea, back pain, muscle pain, and even gastrointestinal distress. I personally don’t find those to contribute to the enjoyment of sexual activity, so does Prosolution have its drawbacks?

Allergies are the most common side effect that prevent people from taking a medication, but that’s severe in any case. You can’t help what you are allergic to, you simply have to avoid it.

The good news is that Prosolution’s clinical studies showed that even at strong doses, oral toxicity is unlikely. This means users needn’t fear making themselves ill with the supplement through regular use.

Where To Buy Prosolution Plus

prosolution plus new official website

Leading Edge supplement companies offer guarantees on their products, so the best place to purchase them is through the Prosolution site itself. Purchasing from a second-hand seller is not recommended, as you won’t get the guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Further, by buying from the company itself, you can be sure they are offering you the product they are promoting. Purchasing from second-hand sellers runs the risk of having your product replaced with something else; you have no way to verify what you’re getting, after all.

Price of Prosolution Plus

At the base level, Prosolution is priced comparably to a month’s supply of other supplements. One month’s supply, purchased by itself, is $64.95.

That price doesn’t tell the whole story, however. As with other supplements, Prosolution asserts that it works best if taken over time and allowed to build up in the body’s system. As such, the company has priced the product with discounts if purchased in larger quantities.

A year’s supply is $429.95, which comes to slightly under $36 per month.

If you aren’t prepared to commit to a full year’s purchase, the three month option is a good compromise. It will allow you to test the pill out and determine if it is going to work for you. This option will only cost $164.95, which comes to approximately $54 per month. Remember, you can return the empty containers within 67 days of delivery to receive a refund if you are not satisfied, so the 3 month option is virtually risk free. Just remember to hold onto those containers.

Wrap Up

To put things briefly, Prosolution is worth checking out if your sexual performance hasn’t improved from taking pharmaceutical options or other supplements. It offers a no-risk money back guarantee, which allows you to decide if the investment is worth the results. If you have a preference for alternative and natural remedies, the compounds in Prosolution are much more Complementary and Alternative Medicine friendly than other options out there.

As with any such decision, it is important you let your physician know when you’re considering or beginning a supplement regimen. Your doctor can let you know if the compounds involved will have adverse reactions with other medications you may be taking, or if you have an allergy to one of the compounds. Natural medicine is a valuable thing, but be sure to take proper care of your health and do thorough research.

With that said, if the clinical results reported by Prosolution are accurate, then it is a supplement that is worth investigating. Sexual health and satisfaction are a key part of holistic well-being, and Prosolution aims to help men improve those parts of their lives.

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– FAQ #1: What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is a carefully formulated, thoroughly tested supplement formula pill, designed to help men deal with a number of the top men’s sexual function difficulties.

Combined with the ProSolution Erection System exercise program, the supplement helps provide a sensible, powerful solution to these difficulties.

– FAQ #2: How soon can I expect to see results?

A number of users report seeing positive results after two weeks taking ProSolution supplements. Medical professionals and user reviews consistently rate it as a strong, beneficial supplement to take when trying to naturally deal with issues such as low libido and erection difficulty.

– FAQ #3: What are the specific benefits ProSolution offers?

Prosolution can help men with:

  • Increased libido and sexual desire
  • More substantial and satisfying ejaculations
  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Firmer, longer lasting erections
  • More satisfying sexual sensation

Every user is different, of course, but the results are consistent that ProSolution Plus achieves significant results.

– FAQ #4: What is the recommended age for using ProSolution Plus?

First, users of any age should check with their doctor before taking any new supplement. However, the formula has been tested for use in sexually active men of any age. Whether old or still in your prime, you will be surprised at the pleasant benefits ProSolution plus can offer.

– FAQ #5: How should ProSolution pills be stored?

For the longest shelf life and best effect, store your pills in a cool, dry location, preferably out of direct light or sunlight.

– FAQ #6: What is the recommended use time for ProSolution Plus?

The best timeframe for maximum results with Prosolution supplementation is to use the pills for 4-6 months. Combined with exercises, this should achieve the best results for most users.

– FAQ #7: How often do users take ProSolution pills?

The typical use is for a pill with breakfast, and a pill with lunch. This gives your body the maximum time to process the supplement throughout the day.

– FAQ #8: Is ProSolution plus safe to take?

The ProSolution manufacturers have subjected their supplement to rigorous testing with herbalists and doctors for safety. All ingredients are 100% natural, and have not been tied to major side effects or allergic reactions in most people. As always, check with your own doctor if you have any concerns or questions. However, in general, ProSolution is very safe to take.

– FAQ #9: Are there any side effects?

As with any chemical compound, there is the potential for unexpected side effects. The most significant of these tended to involve digestive issues, such as gas or upset stomach. Most users did not report these, and many of those who did felt them subside within a day or so.

– FAQ #10: Is the packaging discreet?

ProSolution’s makers prioritize discretion and privacy for their users. Packaging is plain label, with the name as the only marking on the packaging. This keeps your personal matters completely discreet and private from prying eyes.

– FAQ #11: Are purchases of this product Identity Protected?

ProSolution Plus’ makers pledge to keep all contact details 100% confidential to the company, and will never share them with any other agency. They adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1988, if you wish a more explicit understanding.

All financial transactions are protected by 128 bit encryption, protecting customers from hacking by those seeking to compromise financial security.

– FAQ #12: What about Quality Guarantee?

All ProSolution Plus products are backed by a two month satisfaction guarantee. If you do not see results within this time, return the product for a full refund.

Two months gives the product time to genuinely start working, and most users should know if they are satisfied within this time frame. This makes the company quite trustworthy, ensuring users can have sufficient time to test the product.