Does Jeff Seid Use Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Jeff Seid


About Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is a 23-year-old bodybuilder who has been training since he was 12-years-old. He also offers online personal training. He is not only passionate about bodybuilding, but he also wants to help others live a longer, healthier life. Anyone who has seen Jeff Seid before and after pictures knows that he works hard for what he wants.

Jeff is also an accomplished writer. He has a book entitled “Guide to Aesthetics.” This book discusses Jeff’s own fitness journey. He gives his story and how he got into bodybuilding. He also has several pages that have fitness and nutrition tips. Additionally, he gives supplement advice.

Jeff Seid is 6 feet tall and weighs 210 pounds. His body fat percentage is only 7 percent. Jeff’s BMI is 27.5, but the vast majority of his weight comes from his muscle.

Does Jeff Seid use Steroids?

When many people look at Jeff’s amazing physique, they wonder whether he is natural or using steroids. jeff seid body buildingMany bodybuilders use steroids in order to enhance their performance and improve the way that their physique looks. However, Jeff Stein is not one of them. In fact, Jeff is against using steroids.

He posted a video talking about why he is against the use of steroids. He stated that he has been training for his physique ever since he was 12-years-old. Jeff told people that if you want to have a nice body, then they will have to spend time at the gym and eat right. He believes that there is no need for anyone to take steroids because if you work hard, then you can have a nice physique without taking them.

Additionally, Jeff is against the use of steroids because they can cause dangerous side effects. He talked about seeing a 21-year-old bodybuilder in the gym. Even though the bodybuilder had a nice physique, he did not look healthy at all. He had bad acne and his hair was falling out. Jeff believes that this guy is taking steroids because of all of the negative side effects that he has experienced.

Proof That Jeff Steid is Not Using Steroids

1) Slow Process

jeff seid transformation

If you have seen the Jeff Steid transformation, then you know that it was a slow process. Jeff did not become a great bodybuilder overnight. He started lifting weights when he was just 12-years-old. This means that he has been training for a decade. One of the main signs of steroid use is a quick transformation.

Genetics are also on Jeff’s sides. Genetics influence the way that your body burns fat and builds muscle.

2) No Acne


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Acne is one of the many negative side effects of steroid use. Jeff has clear skin. You can also tell by looking at his pictures that he has not had a problem with acne since he started training. Interestingly, Jeff stated that he did suffer from acne before he got into bodybuilding. He did not exercise much before he got into bodybuilding. He would sit around and play with video games all day. However, his skin started to improve after he started his training regimen.

Steroids increase your risk of developing acne by encouraging the sebaceous glands to produce oil. Keep in mind that not everyone who uses steroids will experience acne. Genetics is one of the things that will affect whether you will develop acne.

3) Nice Hair

jeff steid nice hair

Jeff has nice, thick and healthy hair. People who use steroids typically suffer from hair loss. Steroid use can increase the production of dihydrotestosterone. If you have higher levels of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, then you are more likely to suffer hair loss. The DHT destroys the hair follicles. The hair follicles will decrease in size and eventually die.

4) Young-Looking Appearance

jeff seid young appearence

People who steroids typically look a lot older. Steroids have a tendency to cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin. They can cause the fat in your cheeks to decrease and be distributed in other places on your body. Steroids also causes the body to decrease collagen production. Jeff has a young-looking face, which is one of the many things that indicates that he is not on steroids.

5) No Bloating

Bloating is a common side effect of steroids because they cause your body to retain water. Jeff does not have a problem with bloating.

6) No Gynecomastia

moobs man boobs

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes male breast development. Men who take steroids are more likely to develop gynecomastia. Aromatase, which is an enzyme, converts excess testosterone into estrogen. Jeff does not have any signs of gynecomastia.

7) No Red-Looking Skin

Increased blood pressure and increased heart rate are some of the most dangerous side effects of steroid use. Steroids raise blood pressure by causing fluid retention. Steroids can increase your metabolism, which increases your temperature.

Jeff Seid Natty

There is nothing about Jeff Seid that suggests he is using any type of anabolic or legal steroids. Good genetics, a good training regimen and diet are the reasons that Jeff has been able to maintain his physique. He also has genetics on his side.

How Jeff Seid Maintains His Physique

jeff seid physique

In addition to a good diet and training regimen, Jeff takes supplements. Here is a list of some of the supplements that Jeff includes in his regimen.

  • Animal Pak

Jeff takes an Animal Pak supplement with his breakfast every day. This is a daily multivitamin that supports overall health. It also supports the rigorous training regimen that bodybuilders have to complete.

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is another supplement that Jeff takes with his breakfast every day. Chromium is an essential mineral. It helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It also helps reduce body fat.

  • Glutamine

Glutamine is a supplement that Jeff takes with breakfast and his 7th meal. He also takes it before and after he workouts. Glutamine is an essential amino acid. It helps increase energy so that a person can get more out of their workout.

  • Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer is a pre-workout supplement that is a part of Jeff’s regimen. It is designed to help a person build muscles and gain weight. Jeff takes this before he starts an intense workout.

  • Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 Powder

This supplement has branched chain amino acids. These amino acids are essential because the body is not able to produce them from other compounds. This supplement has anticatabolic and anabolic properties. Anticatabolic means that it will prevent the muscle from breaking down.

  • Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the supplements that Jeff takes after he works out. Creatine is a fuel source. Your body needs it in order for the muscles to contract. Taking Creatine in the form of a supplement has a number of benefits. It can increase muscular strength, enhance strength and improve your recovery.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It helps support immune system function and protect antioxidants. Jeff takes a vitamin C supplement before he works out.

  • ZMA

ZMA is a supplement that is made up of zinc, momomethionine, vitamin B6 and aspartate. This supplement can promote restful sleep. Proper sleep is an important part of any training regimen. ZMA can naturally boost testosterone levels. This helps you build muscle. Jeff take this supplement before he goes to bed.

  • Casein Protein

Casein protein is made up of essential amino acids. This high-quality protein helps stimulate muscle growth. Jeff takes this supplement before he goes to bed.

Keep in mind that supplements are designed to enhance the results that you get. Taking supplements will be in vain if you do not follow a nutritious diet. Jeff eats 8 small meals every day in order to maintain his physique. Oats, bananas, brown rice, broccoli, turkey, chicken, lean fish, milk, cream of rice and flaxseed oil are some of the foods that Jeff regularly includes in his diet.

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