Is Phil Heath on Steroids, or Is He Natural?

phil heath

As at 2016, Phil Heath had won the Mr Olympia Championship five times and was looking forward to contesting the sixth season. Experts predict that Phil will be the most successful bodybuilder of all time if he holds the position for the next three years- if he beats records by Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. With a net worth of five million, Phil boasts a Fat-Free Mass Index of 35.

Phil Heath Before


Before Phil began contesting in the bodybuilding competitions, he was on an athletic scholarship at the jay and philUniversity of Denver where he pursued IT and business administration. He was also the school’s shooting guard for its DI basketball team. Phil only discovered the bodybuilding gift in 2003 when he participated in NPC show. He clinched the first overall position at that Northern Colorado State championship.

Later, he held the first position in the state and junior national competitions from 2003-2005, which made him earn the pro card after winning the 2005 USA championships. It was a significant break in his bodybuilding career as he went on to participate in the 2006 Colorado and New York Pro Championships.

The 2008 Iron Man Pro show was his best, having taken the second position. Phil started taking on more prominent shows in 2010 where he contested in the Mr Olympia competition. Here he held the second place after losing to Jay Cutler. In 2011, Phil became the IFBB Mr Olympia after beating his previous opponent, Jay Cutler.

Phil Heath Stats

Phil has unique body build- full muscle bellies and dominant muscle groups in his delts. While he is only five foot nine, Phil Heath weight is at 240lbs (competition weight) and has a 29-inch waist, making his body appear incredibly great. Phil Heath body fat is approximately 3% and weighs 275lbs when he is offseason.

Other Measurements

  • Arms- twenty-two inches
  • Legs- thirty-two inches
  • Neck- 18.5”
  • Calves- twenty inches

Is Phil Heath Natural?

Being a basketball player, the incredible mass growth that saw Phil Heath win his first title in just four years is only possible through the use of steroids. While his workout regimen and diet highlighted on various magazines also come in handy, a great deal of his success is attributed to the use of steroids.

Phil Heath Steroids

Just as any professional bodybuilder, questions arise as to steroids. Phil Heath is likely to be taking to achieve that admirable body symmetry. Of course, Phil may not come out openly as to the type of steroids he uses. In fact being a role model for lots of young people, the majority of the fans believe Phil Heath natural bodybuilding tactics like proper nutrition and exercise help him scale the heights he has reached; critics think otherwise. So, what steroids Phil Heath is likely to be taking?

– Sustanon 250

The steroid is formulated for professional bodybuilders as it carries a high testosterone base. Phil Heath steroid cycle for ten weeks shows that he takes 200mgs of this steroid every week. Usually, some pros take 500mg every day for four days, and others take 350mgs per day for seven days. Try out the safe alternative of Sustanon 250, which is Testo Max from Crazy Bulk.

– Winstrol

While most people would consider Winstrol rather weak for a bodybuilding champ, it comes in handy when you want to achieve a lean body. Also known as Stanozol, the steroid helps keep the muscle mass dry and hard when used in high doses. Phil has a relatively muscular body, hence it is assumed that he takes 200mgs of the steroid in its legal form-Winsol. The legal steroid by Crazy Bulk that Phil Heath is likely to be taking also boosts performance. It enhances a bodybuilder’s speed, strength, agility, and endurance. The steroid acts as a support supplement, hence should be used in combination with other products for a bulking cycle.

– Cardarine (GW-501516)

It is a PPAR modulator grouped with SARMs. For health-conscious bodybuilders, SARMs make the ultimate supplements as they help enhance performance and build muscles. It features among Phil Heath supplements where he takes up to 30mgs per day. Cardarine is a revolutionary drug known to boost cardio, increase stamina, and reduce body fat to help bodybuilders appear lean.


This top legal steroid comes in handy for pros who want to keep lean, develop hard muscles, and grow a big body. According to Phil Heath steroid cycle, he is believed to take 15IU every day. The steroid also helps the pros maintain a youthful look. Check out HGH X2 from Crazy Bulk here.

Other Steroids

– N2Guard

The steroid is a mix of a pharmaceutical drug for the liver and a supplement. Pros using the 2.0 version with Tudca believe it heals the body and kidneys while protecting the liver from damage that is caused by the use of oral steroids. It has more than 40 different nutrients, compounds, minerals, vitamins, and other plant extracts that are formulated to reduce the adverse side effects of steroids on the body. Other benefits of taking N2Guard include:

  • Maintaining water retention
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Rids of androgen receptors, making the next cycle more effective
  • Cleansing the kidney from toxins caused by a high protein diet and steroid metabolites
  • Balancing the levels of cholesterol
  • Cleansing the harmful blood metabolites and other toxins

– Aromasin

The aromatase inhibitor helps combat the ugly side effects of using different steroids such as water retention and the growth of the male breast. Phil Heath adds the drug to his list to reduce the effects of estrogen. Also see the safe and legal alternative of Aromasin, Gynectrol from Crazy Bulk.