Is CT Fletcher using Steroids or Natural?

CT Fletcher


Who is CT Fletcher?

CT Fletcher, a renowned ex American bodybuilder and powerlifter, won six world championship titles during his tenure. Three of these included a three-time World Bench Press Champion Title. He also held the Strict Curl Champion Title three times. Today, CT Fletcher is a fitness icon in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting and runs a chain of gyms in Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Young CT Fletcher

Fletcher was born in 1959 to a field worker and a teenage housewife. When Fletcher was one year old, his Young CT Fletcherfamily moved to Watts and later to Compton where he spent most of his early life. Fletcher then joined the army when he turned eighteen. He was stationed in Germany where he learnt martial arts and earned a second-degree black belt in Karate in 1979. It was after returning to the US from the Army that Fletcher started training as a bodybuilder.

CT Fletcher Bodybuilding

Initially, Fletcher was not involved in powerlifting; his career kicked off as a bodybuilder. During this time, he would work out seven days a week where he developed a physique that caused him to participate in various bodybuilding competitions. Having increased his strength, Fletcher transitioned to powerlifting where he participated in different competitions.

While he had minimal experience in the new sport, Fletcher beat fierce competitors right from the onset. CT Fletcher powerlifting records show an impressive bench press of 650lbs performed with equipment compared to Ed Coan’s 584lbs. He also claims to have benched 705lbs in the gym.

CT Fletcher on Steroids

CT Fletcher transformation

CT Fletcher is known to engage in strenuous, often haphazard training routines that led him to win the titles. However, some people maintain that he used steroids to garner the exceptional performance. It begs the question- is CT Fletcher natural? To prove his critics wrong, he arranged for a drug test, which he passed and published it on his YouTube channel.

Additionally, having set the bench press record, CT Fletcher must have been tested for drugs by the strict federation- NASA. He has also participated in the INBA bodybuilding federation known for its stringent policy against the use of steroids. The organization requires participants to perform urine, blood, and lie detector tests on athletes randomly throughout the year. The random tests help determine natural bodybuilders.

Contesters who fail the tests are included in the INBA wall of shame page, which can destroy their careers. CT Fletcher, who attracts a huge following, wouldn’t compete in such a federation if he used steroids.

Given CT Fletcher age, it is highly unlikely for him to maintain the physique naturally. Note that the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the development of muscles and strength reduces with age. Older men are advised to embark on a testosterone replacement therapy to counter the negative effects of low levels of testosterone. The case is different for CT as he remains strong and even after turning fifty-seven years.

CT Fletcher Arm Size

CT Fletcher arm pose

CT Fletcher has an arm size of twenty-two inches, which matches up to most IFBB professional bodybuilders like Serge Nubret, Flex Wheeler, and Lee Priest. In fact, his arms are two inches bigger than those of Sergio Olivia and the renowned Bertil Fox. Some people cite CT Fletcher steroids like Synthol during his early bodybuilding days to achieve the massive arm size. Synthol is an oil injected into the muscle to make it appear bigger. However, over time the muscle begins to sag and look unusually droopy. The steroid also develops a smooth appearance that creates minimal muscle definition and may cause the muscle to form an irregular shape.

C.T. Fletcher cites developing the vast arms after performing heavy curls every day. His arms make the strongest muscle group and are in proportion to the rest of the body; hence the claims are unfounded. If he used Synthol, he would have injected various areas of the body to achieve a well-shaped physique. CT performs high volume training like ten-hour workouts and sometimes, twenty-five hours of one muscle training five days. Fletcher is a sucker for overtraining, causing some of his trainees to back out during training.

CT Fletcher Before and After

CT Fletcher Before and After

CT Fletcher’s need to remain atop the world of powerlifting led him to consume lots calories from unhealthy processed foods like burgers. At first, the unhealthy habit did not affect his body; he only grew bigger and stronger. After some time, he developed hypertension, which advanced to heart problems. In 2005 he went through a life-saving open heart surgery to save his life. CT Fletcher heart attack was so severe that he flat-lined three times during the operation. He spent the next couple of months recovering in an intensive care unit.

The complications had cost him his powerlifting career as he could no longer engage in the strenuous activities. When he finally recovered Fletcher embarked on a healthy lifestyle, eating clean foods and lifting lighter weights. While his powerlifting days were over, Fletcher could work out as much as his body allowed him to. After a few years, he started competing in amateur bodybuilding contests.

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