The Weight Loss Miracle

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Many people in our society have a weight problem. Unfortunately, the majority of the weight problem is being overweight and not underweight. Our culture revolves just about every event around food. Think about it, when someone’s birthday comes around, its cake and ice cream. We have a holiday surrounded by a large turkey dinner. Not to mention the holiday that is centered receiving on candy. It should be no surprise that most Americans are obese.

Because of the obesity epidemic in the United States, one of the biggest money makers are weight loss gimmicks. Many people who have put their faith in Dr. Oz have recently realized that he may also be on the money making side of health and not just the concerned doctor that he portrays on television. This doctor has touted several products as “miracles for weight loss.” But there is no such thing. Unfortunately, if you are looking to lose weight, you must follow the old tried and true methods. Simply put calories in must be less than calories out. This means that in order to lose weight, you must burn off or decrease the number of calories that you ingest into your body.

Choosing to work out is beneficial for more reasons that just losing weight. Exercise can help to alleviate depression and provides and outlet for your frustrations. Moving your body takes energy. When you become frustrated, you have excess energy that needs to be used. Choosing to use it in a healthy way is the best choice.

Salt Lake City offers some of the best walking trails you will ever find.

  • Jordan River Parkway – You will walk next to the river and maybe have the chance to encounter some ducks or birds on your walk.
  • Sugar House Park – If you are looking for a place that offers scenery and elevated walks, head to Sugar House Park.

If you enjoy hiking as opposed to walking, you will find great trails of the Rocky Mountains just minutes from Salt Lake City.

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Eating healthy is another key to weight loss. While many people have different ideas about what is healthy and what isn’t healthy, there are a few guidelines to look at when choosing foods. Consider how many carbohydrates each food offers. Also, consider the amount of fat and calories per serving of your food choices. Take time to think about how much nutrition you are really getting out of foods. Food labeling is mandatory on many things we consume in the United States.

Most people will say “As of right now, there is no way a pill is going to force your body to lose weight. Science has come a long way over the years, but it has not perfected weight loss yet. Until it does come up with that “miracle pill,” you are better off eating right and adding exercise into your daily routine.” However we don’t agree with that.

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