Venus Immersion – The Venus Factor Ultimate Social Community Reviewed


Venus Immersion Basics


The Venus Immersion is an optional social community with extra tools and coaching designed to achieve top results within the Venus members’ community. It is offered initially as a free 7 day trial to everyone upon purchase of the standard Venus Factor system, then as an optional monthly payment members’ only access for 8 months, upon completion of which is free again for life.

The Venus Immersion community is one of many tools, albeit optional, that comes with the standard tools within the system. The other tools are:

  • A PDF ebook on nutrition and diet.
  • A PDF ebook on workout and exercises
  • 130+ online workout demonstration videos
  • A calorie software application (the Virtual Nutritionist)

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Why Is The Venus Immersion Optional And What Are The Benefits?

The Venus Immersion is an exclusive membership only online workshop designed to take women in their weight loss endeavors to the next level. It is available only as an optional tool once purchased the standard Venus Factor, not stand alone.

The regular system already provides an excellent base on which to achieve good results, however the Venus Immersion offers an array of extra tools to keep women more motivated and focused on the program, giving them an extra edge and extracting all the possible benefits from it, many achieving their own personal Venus Index, the best possible body shape for your own genetics.

These tools are:

  • Elite community area
  • Mobile applications
  • Users’ poadcasts
  • Additional coaching consisting of bi-weekly video coaching sessions by John Barban himself
  • Workout of the month, to break up the monotony of the regular workouts and spur progress.
  • Yearly contests for the Venuses (members)with personal attendance by John Barban himself.
  • Extra free bonuses for those who choose to join the optional Venus Immersion community

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The Cardio Workouts

These are high intensity workouts designed by John Barban called Venus Index Circuits. You can implement them at home after the initial 12 week diet phase and run 3/4 times a weeks.

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The Phase 3 Workouts

These are even more intense workouts running 4/5 times a week for 12 weeks. They come with videos so as not to leave room to mistakes, but they are also very though and NOT recommended before you have finished the first 12 week phase first.

The Final Phase

If that is not enough, this is a further 12 week nutrition and workout plan to be executed last after the main program as the icing on the cake for women who want to go all the way for top results. The workouts are designed in a very demanding structure called “pyramid training routines”.

Specialized Workouts

These are called Venus Index Specializations and are designed to target whatever specific lagging area of your body to give them extra stimulus and can be included into the main workout schedule as required, providing flexibility to any body shape, giving extra care to those parts that need it.

The Venus Index Meal Plan

This is actually an extra meal plan for the after phase, when you have already finished the main 12 week diet program. It basically gives you more flexibility while guaranteeing stability in your new trim body weight, it gives a little bit more entertaining dishes than the standard diet plan for when you have already lost weight.

The Venus Index Meal Plan is actually a mammoth diet plan running for 9 cycles of 12 week each after you finish the main program. That stresses how important diet and meal planning are to keep an ideal body weight. Each cycle contains guidelines for nutrients and a vast array of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What Are The Advantages Of The The Venus Elite Community?

The Venus Elite community is made up of thousands of customers who connect and motivate each other, sharing their results and kick starting a kind of friendly and constructive competition. The Venus Elite access comes with the Venus Immersion purchase or by buying and Venus Index product.

The reason why the Immersion community is only optional and not standard is because is a little pricey due to the impressive catalogue of tools on offer. The first free 7 day trial comes by default with the purchase of the regular Venus Factor program. This time span gives you the change to assess the Immersion community and decide whether it is for you or not. Should you choose to go ahead, you are charged $79 each month for 8 months, before gaining free access again, this time for life.

While some women may go the extra leg to achieve maximum results, others may decide that it’s a bit too much, hence the offer optional set up. I think that the monthly payment it is a bit expensive ($79 x 8 = $632) and that a single one-off payment right off the start at a lower price would be a better deal for those who want or can go the extra leg and it would entice more people in.

However, the author still gives you full control on the monthly payments and you can always stop them any time with a click of the mouse in the members’ area, so no need to chase around customer service or go through complicated procedures to stop your installments, unlike the regular Venus Factor program which is a one off payment offered as a $47 straight purchase or $9.95 seven day trial offer that you keep for life (but it still has a 60 day money back guarantee). Only then can you have free access to the Venus Immersion for 7 days before making your mind up. However, you cannot purchase or access it separately from the main program.

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