Venus Factor Program – What Is Included?

what is included


The Program Outlines

The Venus Factor is a unique program targeted specifically at women, so it is not quite as effective for men, unlike the vast majority of diet, weight loss and workout programs out there that are designed mainly for men and work so and so for women too, or vice versa.

The reason for that is that the program revolves around restoring sensitivity to the leptin hormone in women. Both men and women do have this hormone, in fact women have twice as much of it, unfortunately they are also less responsive to it.

This means that women do not respond as well as men to the signals the leptin hormone sends to the brain in order to regulate metabolism and hunger sensation.

Realizing that, John Barban created a tailor suited program for women only to address this key hurdle in the women weight loss scenario. Of course, the program also comes with all the nuts and bolts common to other programs as well, like meal planning, calorie counting and workout schedules.

However, it also offers extra tools not commonly found in other programs that combined together take up on an exponential value that is more than the simple sum of its components, making this program more a whole system than a basic blueprint.

You may also call this system a life style or a new health regime. The point is, it is designed for permanent weight loss and maintenance, not just for a quick fix before your beach vacation or marriage. As it is, it also requires commitment and perseverance, in other words, a change in life style habits. Here you can also check out one of the most popular probiotic supplement in market called BioFit.

What Is Included In The Program Then? How Does it Work?

The Venus Factor program is made up of few regular components that come as standard upon purchase, plus optional extra components as up sales, should you want to. The standard program is already good enough as it is and is backed up by a 60 day money back guarantee no question asked. Extra optional monthly payment tools like the Venus Immersion come with full control of the installment and can be stopped any time from the members control panel with the click of the mouse.

Here Is The Components List

  • The Diet Plan – It contains all the basic ideas behind the program and explains how leptin effects metabolism and how you can overcome this obstacle. It does give you a clear blueprint of your diet regime, your daily calorie intake, what foods to eat and avoid, recipes, meal planning. The diet part of the system is paramount to the venus Factor program and it must be followed to a sensitive weight loss before you consider embarking in the Workout Plan, which is optional, but recommended for best results.
  • The Software Application – The so called “Virtual Nutritionist” is an application to be used hand in hand with the diet plan. It quickly calculates your daily requirements and adjust them along the way as your weight drops, less caloeis at the start when you are more overweight, but more food to enjoy later on as your weight drops, more on this in my full Venus Factor review.
  • The Workout Plan – This is not compulsory but it is highly recommended for best results. With the excess fat removed, a little more extra muscle tone in the right places can bring out the best possible results for your genetic makeup, as close as possible to your own Venus Index, the best female body proportion and balance. The workouts are laid out in the PDF manual which you can download like the diet plan and print it or look at in your smart phone anywhere. The exercises contain links to the online members’ site where you can watch the relevant videos for a clear understanding of the movements. You can find out more about the workouts is my full review.
  • The Forum – A place where you can exchange and make questions and answers for any issue or clarification you may encounter with like minded women.
  • The Venus Immersion – This is an extra optional tool that comes free of charge for the firts week when you purchase the regular program, so you can use it and have a feel of its value, giving you the chance to opt in only id you want later on. The Venus Immersion contains a vast array of extra tools to bring results to the ultimate level.