Eddie Sergey 15 Minute Manifestation Review: Ebook FAQ’s and PDF Download Guide

15 minute manifestation review

Over the years, different manifestation and meditation experts have come up with numerous manifestation programs aimed at helping you rewire your brain and attract success in every aspect of life.

Some advocate for meditation while others take to affirmation and proclamations, but Eddie Sergey hopes to introduce a new concept called “15 Minute Manifestation”. The program uses Theta frequency waves that reprogram your subconscious mind to attracting great health, success, wealth and any of your desires effortlessly.

While the 15 Minute manifestation program sets itself apart from most other techniques used by most hypnotists, it seeks to help its users achieve similar results. And while this new technique or even the programs developer may be relatively new to the industry, the use of binaural sounds isn’t. It has time and again been used for meditation, and even its effectiveness in reducing mind clutter has scientific backing.

Who is Eddie Sergey?


Eddie Sergey, the brains behind 15 Minute manifestation system is an entrepreneur who has used the techniques he describes in the program to become financially independent. He started practicing the binaural beats assisted manifestation right from childhood.

At an early age, Eddie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. His mother, however, refused to accept this inevitability and resulted to feeding balanced diet and seafood to complement the conventional medicine.

Most importantly, she introduced this form of manifestation to him at this tender age by letting him listen to numerous tapes containing binaural beats. This would see him overcome the illness and lead a full life. According to Eddie, he now hopes to help others achieve the inevitable through what he refers to as “mind editing.”

How does the 15 Minute Manifestation Guide Work?


You can achieve everything you want in life if you set your mind to it. With the right mindset, you can live to see all your dreams in life unfold right before your eyes.

The 15 Minute Manifestation program can also help you achieve fulfilment in all areas of your life including good health, healthy relationships, financial freedom, and virtually everything else you consider relevant to you. Eddie is particularly of the opinion that all this can be achieved effortlessly.

He also holds to the particular belief that it all starts in the mind. He, therefore, devised three binaural frequencies that enhance audio tracks and help you regain control of your mind by clearing the negative clutter and reconstruct towards helping you achieve your aspirations in life.

Features of The 15 Minute Manifestation Audio

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Our 15 Minute manifestation review covers the three audio beats promoted by Eddie Sergey:

Track One: Your Natural State

As its name suggests, the first audio track is meant to help you reset your mind to the natural state of abundance and unlock the state of limitlessness. It is also designed to help unlock your mind and usher it into the world of possibilities.

The developer further suggests that it is meant to prime your brain’s “Editor” that rewires the age-old construct that success can only be achieved through unending hard work.

Ideally, the track is a fifteen minute long audio of theta frequency beats meant to stimulate the subconscious part of the brain. To unlock the full potential of the 15 minute manifestation download, you are supposed to listen to this audio in a meditation mode for fifteen minutes daily, for seven days. It helps to open your mind up to possibilities and prep you on how to capture it all.

Track Two: Your New Story

After unlocking your brain to infinite possibilities and resetting it to the natural state it was during birth, you now have to feed it with a construct of the new you, hence the name new story. The 15 Minute Manifestation program developer argues that the track helps you shed off any negative and limiting thoughts and inspire the editor to replace them with what you need to accomplish. It seeks to help you reach out to the possibilities exposed by the first track.

Just like the first, this track is also a fifteen-minute long binaural audio that you are supposed to listen to daily for the next seven days. It immerses you deeper into the world of manifestation through the power of the mind.

Track Three: Moving Towards Abundance

The audio helps you concentrate on the power of laws of attraction, and its editor believes that by the time you get here, you should start living your new reality. After setting the stage with the first track that unlocks possibilities and the second that aligns your thoughts to your needs, the third track gets these possibilities to manifest in your life. Like the other two, it is also a fifteen-minute long audio supposed to wind up the 21-day manifestation journey.

Bonus Track: Deep Sleep Now

With every 15 minute manifestation download, you get a bonus track, the deep sleep now audio. This contains delta brainwave frequencies that help you clears your mind of any stressing clutter, allowing you to fall into a deep and restful sleep fast.

How Effective is the 15 Minute Manifestation Program?

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Just like with most other products, it becomes quite difficult to differentiate between genuine 15 minute manifestation reviews from the rest.

Plus different products work differently for most individuals implying that you may need to use the product to gauge its effectiveness personally. You only need $49 and fifteen minutes to spare every day for three weeks.

Is the 15 Minute Manifestation eBook available?

The fact that the program maximizes on the power of audio, particularly the theta and beta brainwave frequencies to help you realize your potential rules out the availability of 15 minute manifestation book or 15 minute manifestation pdf.

Bottom Line

The use of binaural audios that harness the power of theta and beta brainwave frequencies might seem like a new concept to you. But Eddie Sergey bets his life and finance success on its effectiveness. He now hopes the rest of the world can now follow in his footsteps and achieve success in all spheres of their life by investing $49 into his 15 Minute Manifestation program and committing to plug in the headphones 15 minutes a day for just three weeks.

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