PaleoHacks Cookbook Review: Deliciously Healthy Recipes FAQ’s and PDF Download Guide

Just what is the paleo diet and PaleoHacks Cookbook?

If you’ve been following the Standard American Diet (SAD), it’s likely you’re feeling pretty sad. Loaded with preservatives, chemicals, and sugar at every turn, the typical Western diet is fairly unhealthy and can be downright dangerous.

The paleo diet is a way of eating that eschews these disastrous missteps of health, focusing on whole foods, lower carbs, and avoiding processing that only serves to make food less nutritious. By keeping sugar down, protein up, and foods whole, you can enjoy a lifestyle where weight loss is largely effortless and overall health increases.

With that said, the diet itself can come across as “meats and veggies” all the time if you’re well-versed in cooking with raw, whole food ingredients. Because of this, it can be difficult to adhere to in the long run if you’re not into monotony. This is where the Paleohacks Cookbook program comes into play. Also click here to read about The Lost Ways Review by Claude Davis.

What is the Paleohacks Cookbook?


It’s because of the potential monotony of the paleo diet that the Paleohacks team put together this cookbook PaleoHacks Cookbook Reviewand corresponding program. The cookbook takes what could be otherwise mundane ingredients and melds them into a healthy, varied, and most importantly DELICIOUS collection of paleo-approved recipes.

Starting at a point of being fully on the standard American diet, the Paleohacks Cookbook guide takes you through, week after week, of delicious, nutritious recipes. This makes the transition from eating as you do now to a fully paleo diet a snap.

By delving into the brightest minds of the paleo community who have shared their favorite recipes, the Paleohacks Cookbook was created. Running a gamut of the best recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, Paleohacks holds a wealth of valuable recipe information for beginners to seasoned pros at the paleo diet.

How does Paleo – and the Paleohacks Cookbook Program – Actually work?

A diet comprised of mainly processed food and sugar causes constant spikes in blood sugar. With this constantly circulating blood sugar comes a corresponding rise in insulin, which tells your body to store the excess glucose as fat.

In addition, when insulin goes up, blood sugar goes down, and then your body is primed to eat from hormonal hunger cues. An example of this is eating a doughnut for “breakfast” – sure it tastes good and it has about 300 calories, but you’re going to be hungry again in no time, because the doughnut has no protein or fiber to slow digestion. Coupled with the sugar in the pastry, and you’ve got a recipe for a blood sugar swing that will make you ravenous in no time.

Since paleo eliminates simple sugars and carbohydrates, the only time your body really gets glucose is when it’s coupled with protein or fiber that naturally occurs, like with fruit. In addition, the bulk of the recipes in the Paleohacks program avoid excessively carb-laden ingredients, and when they’re presented, they’re buffered by deliciously prepared meats or tasty, fiber-filled veggies.

So the Paleohacks Cookbook program works by established meal plans over the course the weeks of the month, avoiding the traditional method of “dieting” by counting calories. Instead, the Paleohacks Cookbook uses real, whole foods, akin to how our primal ancestors ate, to provide real nutrition for the body. This makes weight loss easy, fast, and effective. It also provides a framework for lifelong eating habits that will keep you trim, strong, and best of all, healthy.

What’s inside the Paleohacks Cookbook PDF?

6 paleohacks cookbook recipe guides

Starting at the beginning of your first week, the Paleohacks Cookbook program outlines how to cut out processed food, and creates a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day is a new recipe, flowing effortless from creating grocery lists to preparation, to execution of the meals. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an amazing cook because the recipes, despite being incredible, don’t require special skills or equipment. Just about any person with even novice cooking skill and the bare minimum of kitchen supplies will be able to create stunning paleo dishes.

In addition to the meal plans and grocery planning, the Paleohacks Cookbook PDF provides ample tips and tricks to keep your workload in the kitchen low and your prep time minimal to make cooking fun as well as healthy.

  • Breakfast – The recipes here are delicious, and there’s a huge variety, including plenty of egg-free fare for your discerning palate
  • Lunch – Quick, delicious meals that will get you through your day with energy and vitality
  • Dinner – Delicious, hearty dinners that are sure to please a crowd or just yourself
  • Desserts – A wide variety of ingenious, delicious desserts that will fool even your most diehard of sweet-toothed friends and family. It’s hard to believe these desserts are actually good for you!
  • Snacks – You can’t forget the occassional snack, and Paleohacks has your back for when a craving strikes. Savory or sweet, there’s a snack in here for everybody!

Advantages and Disadvantages of PaleoHacks Cookbook

  • In my experience, paleo is easy to adhere to once you’ve gotten into it. The Paleohacks cookbook provides you with enough variety that you won’t get bored.
  • It very clearly outlines the stages of the diet, making sure that everything makes sense and that you’ve got a guide for each step.
  • There’s no bizarre ingredients or difficult/expensive kitchen gadgets needed here, and the recipes are intended to be enjoyed by nearly anyone. This means the recipes you make actually taste good.
  • While paleo is a healthy and effective tool for weight loss and overall wellbeing, the adjustment period can be rough because sugar addiction is a very real thing.
  • Compared to eating processed foods, buying whole foods and cooking can actually be more expensive than what you’re used to.


I wanted my Paleohacks Cookbook review to be as clear as possible, and I think the best way to sum up my experience is this: Paleohacks gives you probably the best chance I’ve seen at succeeding at the paleo diet, and the paleo diet is one of the easiest ways to ensure good health. Nutrition should be the foundation of any good health program – medicine is more for intervention, but if your diet is solid, you will need less medicine and can enjoy life more.

In addition, one of the best things about this entire program is the fact that they offer it in both a Paleohacks Cookbook book (like, ACTUAL book, with paper and everything!), or a Paleohacks Cookbook ebook. No matter your preferred method (I personally prefer good old paper), there’s a copy for you. Grab a copy of the Paleohacks Cookbook PDF from the Paleohacks Cookbook download site with this tremendous discount and you’ll be cooking your way to good health in no time at all!

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