Brestrogen Breast Enhancement Cream Review – (Side Effects, Benefits, Before and After Results)


Below you will find the important facts and figures I feel every consumer should know surrounding Brestrogen and complete guide for taking necessary precautions.


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Product Name: Brestrogen

Product Website: Click Here For The Verified Official Website For Brestrogen

Shipping Cost: Depends on Location

Available At Traditional Stores: No

Available on GNC: No

Available on Amazon: No

Discounts: Buy 3 Boxes + 1 Free

Coupons: GIFTBOXB – 1 box free (Valid with any Purchase), SAVE5B – 5% OFF when ordering one box only, SAVE10B – 10% OFF when ordering 2 or 4 boxes.

Refund Policy: Backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee

Offers Secure Online Payment?: Yes, payments and refunds are handled by RDK Global, which employs encryption technologies using 256-bit encrypted checkout to secure sensitive data such as your financial information.

Where To Learn More: Continue reading more on this page or visit the official website

Alternatives To Brestrogen: None


For women seeking a larger breast size, the main option has usually been surgical. Breast enlargement surgery works, and for many women has proven a satisfying and effective choice.

However, it has its downsides.

The surgery is quite expensive, often exceeding three thousand dollars.

While that might sound almost reasonable, it is often an unacceptable burden to take on for many women and their families.

Further, surgery has some very substantial risks.

There can be significant scarring, post-surgical pain and discomfort, and the historical problem with certain types of implants collapsing after the surgery is very well documented.

Is it any wonder that there are women who would like to have a more natural, less risky way to augment their breasts?

Something more affordable, that doesn’t require a visit to an expensive specialist?

Fortunately, such options do exist in the world of breast enhancement supplementation.

One of the key players in the supplement world is Brestrogen, an all natural breast enhancement cream, applied topically without the need to visit a doctor.

What is Brestrogen?


4 brestrogen packs with 1 cream out of the packing in middle

Brestrogen is a new product to help women who want to reclaim their youthful, perky breasts.

It is a breast enhancement cream, using a carefully chosen formula to help revitalize the skin and underlying tissues of a woman’s breasts.

These ingredients are all natural, and the results seen in Brestrogen’s customer reviews have been very positive.

How does Brestrogen Work? (Ingredients List)

brestrogen breast cream

To answer this question, we need to take a look at the key ingredient of Brestrogen Breast Enhancement Cream, Pueraria mirifica.

An herb from Chiang Mai in Thailand, Pueraria mirifica is rich in phytoestrogens, which are estrogen hormones derived from plant life.

By mimicking human estrogen hormones, Pueraria triggers estrogen cellular pathways, prompting your breasts to produce and grow new tissues in the lining of your milk glands.

In turn, this prompts the growth of new skin, fatty tissue, and other supporting structures, leading to fuller, rounder breasts.

Pueraria also has distinct anti-wrinkling properties, leaving your breast skin looking younger and refreshed.

This combines nicely with the supporting vitamin E ingredient; vitamin E is strongly linked to healthier, more elastic skin that looks younger and feels stronger.

Pueraria has a long tradition in Thailand’s traditional medicines, with a variety of health benefits reported. Analysis of its use as a breast enlargement cream seems to bear out the traditional usage of it.

Over half of all women who tested its use reported increased breast size, as well as healthier looking skin.

These aren’t just claims Brestrogen customer reviews are consistently positive and enthusiastic about the results and benefits of this cream.

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Brestrogen Works Surprisingly Quickly

Most supplements have to be taken for quite a bit of time to achieve results, often requiring treatment of six to eight months to achieve proper benefits.

With Brestrogen, users tend to report results after six to seven weeks of use, roughly a quarter of the time for other supplements.

It can still take a longer time for major results to finish showing, but fast results out of the gate can be highly satisfying and confidence-building.

Where to Buy Brestrogen

Below is the screenshot that I made from Brestrogen’s Official website. That’s how the website looks like:

brestrogen new official website

Don’t take any risks, and purchase Brestrogen directly from the official website at Not only do they offer very reasonable prices and substantial discounts on bulk purchases, they have a 60 day money-back guarantee.

It should be noted that this guarantee is shorter than the reported time for cup size increase, however it does fall within the time that customers tended to report noticeable skin improvement.

This means it’s still easy to see whether you’re getting results within the refund period, and whether Brestrogen is likely to work for you.

Additionally, anyone who is not directing you to the main Brestrogen homepage is misleading you.

It is only authorized for sale through their site.

Third party resellers are not authorized to sell this product, and will likely be involved in some sort of scam that cheats you of your money.

Is Brestrogen Safe – Any Side Effects?


Apart from the very rare possibility that a customer might be allergic to one of the cream’s main or supporting ingredients, there is no indication that Brestrogen should have any negative side effects.

Topical application is one of the safest treatments in the world, and Brestrogen has been carefully formulated to avoid any toxic chemicals in its composition.

Some Cautionary Statements

Remember that every woman has a different body, so Brestrogen will not work on every woman the same way.

You may see results within a short period of time, or you might have to use it for the full cycle before you begin seeing improvements.

This is a fact of biology, that not everyone responds to every ingredient the same way.

Customers are urged to use the supplement for its full cycle, following the exact instructions provided on the box.

One Major Contraindication

While Brestrogen is generally regarded as safe to take, there is a significant point that has to be made regarding safety.

If you are in a position where your hormones are being altered, such as with hormone replacement or suppression therapy, or if you are pregnant, you should not take a hormone-altering supplement like Brestrogen.

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Brestrogen eBook

brestrogen guide ebook

When you buy brestrogen, you will also get access to a free guide which explains how to avoid and treat saggy breast.

Brestrogen Before and After Results

The results of Brestrogen are often subtle, but significant. Virtually all customers who took it reported healthier, firmer breasts regardless of whether they increased cup size.

As we said above, size increases were reported in fifty percent of cases, and these increases ranged from one to two cup sizes.

Having fuller, rounder breasts without going into a surgical option is a major plus for women who want to increase their breast size without discomfort or the risk of surgical disfigurement.


Marlene Woods testimonial brestrogen

Marlene Woods

brestrogen Sandra Beck testimonial

Sandra Beck

brestrogen Tiffany Mercado review

Tiffany Mercado

It is the comparison of Brestrogen to surgical options that really does make it stand out as an alternative.

Most surgeries come off without a hitch, but even the best surgical procedure tends to leave womens’ breasts feeling sensitive and painful post-surgery, and then virtually numb after the healing process completes.

Brestrogen, by promoting the body’s own growth and building processes, avoids doing such damage to the natural body.

Brestrogen Customer Reviews

We mentioned the positive reviews that come with Brestrogen use, so let’s have a look at some of those:

“I didn’t really need much extra size but I wanted my breasts to be a little firmer. Thankfully, after 2 months of using Brestrogen, I’m really pleased with how much firmer they are and I can finally wear non padded bra’s with complete confidence.” Gemma K

“I am a bit on the larger side, which means I have big breasts already, right? Wrong. In fact, I have a small B cup and yes, I look disproportionate. I have always been self-conscious about my looks and I have always wanted bigger breasts. I was set on having a breast augmentation procedure done, but then something online caught my eye. I saw an ad for Brestrogen and I started to read information about it and thought why not. Using the product meant I did not have to undergo surgery and it promised to increase the size of my breasts. I was in. I am extremely satisfied with the results that Brestrogen provided. I am now a large C cup and could not have asked for more. I look proportionate and am no longer self-conscious. YAY for Brestrogen!”

Just these two posts, the first from the Brestrogen website and the second from Age4Action, show that people are very enthusiastic about their results, without the qualifications and vague language. They make concrete claims about specific sizes, and are clear in their endorsement.

Money Back Guarantee and Warranty

60 day money back guarantee

You can purchase Brestrogen without any risk, since the manufacturer offers 60 days money back guarantee.

To make the guarantee effective, you have log your initial breast size before using Brestrogen cream.

Keep track of the progress and log your final breast size at the end of 45 day period.

At end of 45th day, you have 15 days to claim the refund. You can claim by providing a certified statement that you have not experienced increase in breast size and firmness after use of Brestrogen.

The refund includes only cost of Brestrogen cream while the Shipping & Handling charges are not refundable.

Brestrogen Coupons and Promo Codes

Here we brought you 3 Brestrogen coupons & promo codes that will make your purchase even more worthwhile.

GIFTBOXB – 1 box free. Valid with any purchase. Not valid with other coupons.
SAVE5B – 5% off when ordering 1 box only
SAVE10B – 10% off when ordering 2 boxes or 4 boxes offers.

Just go to the official website here and use them when checking out.

Product Price and Shipping


Brestrogen is shipped Worldwide and does have some Shipping & Handling charges.

The standard shipping and handling charges are $10 for US shipping, while insured S&H is $ 14.00.

While for other countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nicaragua and United Arab Emirates, the Standard S&H charges are $29.95. If you go with insured S&H, the charges are $ 34.95.

There is a long list of countries where Brestrogen can be shipped and the above mentioned charges remain constant for each country. (We checked it for each country manually)

As far as the pricing goes, you have several options to choose from. (Last Checked 31st Dec. 2017)

  • 1 BOX (Original Price $124.95 – Discount $49.98 = Final Price $74.97) 40% OFF
  • 2 BOXES (Original Price $239.95 – Discount $90.01 = Final Price $149.94) 34% OFF
  • 3 BOXES (Original Price $339.85 – Discount $114.94 = Final Price $ 224.91) 38% OFF

The last package is the most popular, since you get ONE FREE when you order 3 boxes.

However, if you are not sure whether the breast enhancement cream will work for you, we recommend that you start smaller package.

(Please note: Prices can vary over the period of time, we last checked Shipping, brestrogen pricing and currently available discounts on 31st Dec. 2017)

Final Verdict: One of the Best


So in our eyes, Brestrogen is a product worth trying. Natural ingredients, specific claims, and enthusiastic endorsement mean it’s something that women who don’t want surgery should at least consider.



brestrogen cream package with questions

FAQ #1: Is Brestrogen Cream Safe?

YES, the product is perfectly safe to use as it is manufactured with safe ingredients with no side effects reported by the customers. It contains Pueraria Mirifica and Vitamin E.

FAQ #2: I want to enhance my breast size and firmness. Will Bestrogen assist me?

YEP! The cream can help you increase the size and firmness of you breasts if you follow the guidelines and tips.

FAQ #3: At What Point I Can Feel The Results Of This Cream?

According to the official page, it takes around a week to notice the firming action.

The size keeps on increasing to 1 cup in 6-7 weeks and 2 cups in 5-6 months. To get the best results, you should keep using it 6 months and attain the maximum size.

FAQ #4: Where Can I Buy Brestrogen Cream?

The only way to buy Brestrogen is through the official website If you place orders through other sites, there is significant risk of getting the fake product that can damage your breasts.

When placing order through shady websites, you risk both your health and money. You can lose your financial information and money both.

FAQ #5: Any Money Back Guarantee Offered? Will I lose my money?

If you place your order through, you get 60 days money back guarantee with no risk associated.

You can claim refund excluding shipping charges, if you are unsatisfied with the product.

FAQ #6: What Would Happen, If I Stop Brestrogen?

Nothing will happen to your breasts, if do not use the cream. There are no side-effects associated with use of the cream since it is manufactured with natural ingredients.

With 6 months use, you can achieve the maximum size achievable for your breasts. The cream dosage can be reduced by 50% and the breasts will maintain their size.

FAQ #7: Is Brestrogen shipped in discreet packaging?

Yes it is. No one will know what it is you have ordered. (Quote was taken from Official FAQ page on Feb 16, 2018)

FAQ #8: Is It Required To Get Prescription By A Doctor To Buy Brestrogen?

Absolutely NOT, there is nothing required at your end. You can safely purchase the product from the official site. However, it’s always best to check with your physician or health expert if you are already using some medicine to ensure Brestrogen is perfect for you.

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