Venus Factor Diet – The Weight Loss Phenomenon Reviewed

Venus Factor Diet


Who Is John Barban?

John Barban is a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Guelph with extensive experience in power lifting training and a strong interest and knowledge in biomechanics.

He has also in depth knowledge of possibly all supplements on the market, having worked for 8 years with the top companies out there like Muscle Tech, Nx Labs, Slimquick, ADS, BlueStart Nutraceuticals, Empowered Nutrition Products.

He is also formally qualified with a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada), and a Masters In Human Biology and nutrition and also holds several additional certifications like NSCA CSCS, ACE PT and so on.

With a solid on the field foundation on training and nutrition, the two pillars of fitness, he is now deeply involved in diet, weight loss, muscle building and longevity programs, both for men and women. His flagship products are the Adonis Golden Ratio for men and the now world famous Venus Factor (diet and exercise system) for women, of which you can read my full review here.

Below is a brief overview on John Barban’s diet

What’s So Special About The Venus Factor Diet And The Program?

The Venus Factor (the commercial name for John’s diet and part of the system) came to light with women only in mind. Most weight loss, diet programs out there are somewhat generic programs for men that also work so and so for women, a one size fits for all approach that John Barban readily dismissed thanks to his knowledge and experience.

He devised a complete “system” for women consisting of 2 main components, diet and optional exercise, with the addition of several useful extras for better results, like software and social community.

As far as the diet part is concerned, the novelty revolves around the leptin hormone, unlike any other diet out there. Leptin and the ability of John Barban’s diet to restore it to normal levels and overcome the key problem of leptin resistance is what makes this diet so unique and effective.

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The Leptin Conundrum – When More Means Less

The startling problem is that women have more leptin hormone than men, about twice as much, unfortunately they are also less sensitive to it, or less efficient in responding to it, a well known effect called leptin resistance.

Leptin regulates your body response to appetite and its ability to store fat, depending on its own fat storage. Normally, the more fat you have, the more leptin kicks in, which in turn shuts your hunger down. However, women do not respond to the leptin signals to the brain as effectively as men, so their hunger management is negatively affected, so to speak, with a negative impact on keeping a low body fat.

The strategy of John Barban’s diet revolves around restoring leptin sensitivity and overcoming resistance as the foundation for fat loss to healthy levels, permanently. Leptin levels are also anchored to insulin levels and too much leptin is as bad as high insulin thresholds with all the health issues associated with it, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

As you grow older, high levels of leptin tied up with leptin resistance can also have an impact on fertility and contribute to obesity. If no diet plan seems to work it may well be because of you having leptin resistance, however fixing it is the key to long lasting fat loss and weight control.

Just like any other diet plan, John Barban‘s approach also relies on calorie counting, no novelty here, however this is only half of the story. The other half revolves around reducing leptin resistance with simple steps like:

  • Reducing or eliminating refined sugars, fructose and starches.
  • Eating more proteins and healthy fats for breakfast.
  • Applying a reverse calorie intake as you get slimmer, that is eat less when you are starting out and more towards the end when you are lighter and slimmer (more on this on my full review of the Venus Factor)
  • Following the 5 rules of a leptin diet plan.
  • Lose fat first and then start working out, if so you wish. The demands for resetting your body into fat burning mode are quite high, so working out straight off the start may be a bit too much.
  • Last but not least, a secret herb that alone has a high impact in restoring leptin sensitivity.

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How Is John Barban’s Diet Plan Implemented?

The Venus Factor system is made up of several components, the main ones being the diet part and the optional workout part. Other ancillary components are the Venus Immersion community, the Virtual Nutritionist software, the workout videos and podcasts all of which are extensively described in my full Venus factor review here.

The diet plan itself is spread out over a 12 week period made up of 6 mini cycles of 2 weeks each. Each cycle is carefully designed to be different from the others with different calorie intake and food types, from high to low calories and from low carbs to high fats.

The program comes with a well laid out meal structure consisting of 10 different meal plans, each one with 3 meals and 2/3 snacks a day which you can access once you have found out your daily calorie requirements for your targeted fat loss with the aid of the Virtual Nutritionist application.

Unlike other programs out there, John Barban’s diet is unique as it is centered on overcoming leptin resistance and targeted at women only. However, it is the addition of the other components of the Venus Factor system that make this program more than the simple sum of its parts and make this diet effective with long lasting results.

However, it is no quick fix whatsoever, it requires discipline and dedication for results to show and while the standard 12 week plan may be enough for some women, others may need to extend their efforts over a longer period of time, still a small price to pay for a complete reset of eating habits and body fat to permanent healthy levels, ideally (but not necessarily!) to a perfect Venus Index.

What Can You Expect From The Venus Factor Diet?

While unique in its approach to female fat loss, John Barban’s plan is no different from any other plan out there in that it requires discipline and persistence. It is not necessarily a fitness program, rather a diet plan for all women with a weight issue with the optional workout plan in place once body weight and fat have already been dealt with.

Those going all the way may also achieve excellent results, those stopping at the diet part may reduce considerably their body fat and body weight, but for some it may require more than the standard 12 weeks. Providing you stick to the plan for long enough, the Venus Factor diet can help you lose weight in a healthy a long lasting way because it is designed to reduce leptin resistance in women with healthy eating habits and good planning.

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